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Asus U2E Bamboo

The Asus U2E Bamboo seems a really interesting laptop and in case you’re that type of person that is more into the aesthetics then it’s just right for you! Oh, this doesn’t mean that this laptop is only about beauty and that’s that, but on the contrary…. It’s also with some good technical specifications at the basis. It may sound pretty weird to have a laptop that looks as if it’s made only of wood, but it’s not an impossible thing.

So, Asus U2E Bamboo with its gorgeous look is going to be always really great to take into account in case you’re really aware that you want a gadget that is pretty looking. We’ve mentioned about several products from this Bamboo series and we think that we could catch your interest in a way or another. Not only is it really gorgeous looking, but in the same time you’re going to feel the difference only by touching this gadget – it offers you a pleasant sensation and it’s as if you’re touching your furniture.
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When you touch the bamboo finish you’re going to get a touch of familiarity and we think that this is indeed the most important thing about the Asus U2E Bamboo. You’re going to observe so many fine details on the surface of the bamboo clad cover and this is certainly something notable.

Asus U2E Bamboo

Besides the fact that the Asus U2E Bamboo is ultra stylish it’s also saving the surrounding environment, so “it’s easy being green”. So you’re going to end up winning, because you’re going to save the surrounding environment and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous laptop that is really effective in the same time.

Asus U2E Bamboo 2

Enough talking about the aesthetics of the Asus U2E Bamboo, there are some technical features that also need to be mentioned and of which you have to know about. Like the fact that it has at the basis the Intel Core Duo processor with a speed of 1.2GHz and we think that it’s really going to turn out really efficient and it’s going to deliver the right amount of power.

Asus U2E Bamboo 3

As for the operating systems, you can apply for several types from the Windows Vista Ultimate, to the Windows Vista Business, to Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Home Basic. No matter on which you decide to use, the effect is the same – meaning that you’re going to end up with a really efficient experience.

The thing that we find not that advantageous is the 11.1” WXGA LED backlit display that has also marvelous colors and the Splendid Video Intelligent Technology. Besides the small dimensions of the screen, we would also like to add that there’s the 0.3MP camera that’s incorporated and you’re going to be able to maintain video conferences.

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