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Asus U30Jc

Here’s another great looking laptop from Asus that is the perfect mixture between all the things that a real consumer would like: power and ultra portability and it’s under the name of U30Jc.

In a few words here is the description of this marvelous gadget: it’s chic (thin, great looking), it’s really powerful and you’ll see its technical specifications in the lines to come and also with an optical disc drive incorporated.

The exterior aspect of the Asus U30Jc laptop is really astonishing! It is fine, made of an aluminum alloy construction, great looking keyboard that will definitely be useful, a big arm rest and all of these things under a really thin and light format.

Asus U30Jc2

Just think that it won’t be hard to be carried around, your hands won’t hurt after you put it on the table or wherever you want to place it. Its actual size: 30 mm thick and it weighs exactly 2 kilos and be sure that where you go it will be there beside you!

So we’ve mentioned a little bit about its great looking aspect, let’s continue with mentioning some things about just how powerful it is: it has at the basis an Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor and almost 8 GB of RAM, this means multitasking and ultra speed. Just think of how many things can be realized with the help of this gadget and most of all, it’s easy to be carried around; the rest will be piece of cake as you can already observe….

Asus U30Jc3

After all the great things mentioned above we also come and say that this notebook has something different from other such gadgets: an optical drive built in. So it won’t be a problem from now to store all your data on a CD and this is a great thing, admit it!

The battery will certainly help you all day long, while you’re on the road, at school or going on a vacation. It has a long time resistant battery that resists for more then 10 hours by only charging the battery once.

Asus U30Jc4

All of this is due to the Super Hybrid Engine and this sound marvelous! Get rid of the stress of charging the battery once in a couple of hours or the idea that you’ll go away together with your gadget and if it happens for you to forget the adapter this will be just terrible.

One of the last things we want to mention about is the NVIDIA GeForce 310M with 1 GB GDDR3 that makes everything easier for you only with one gadget: music, video, gaming, productivity and web. Be sure that it will be a feast to play all your favorite games and all with the help of the capable GPU and the NVIDIA CUDA that offer you a great mobile computer experience.

Asus U30Jc5

So what more can you wish for? A reliable notebook with great technical features with a chic aspect and that can be carried everywhere you go and yes:  we’re speaking about Asus’ U30Jc notebook.

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