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Asus UL series review

Some time ago we’ve presented a product from Asus’ UL series. But now we decided to make a review on the entire line of this series and we’ll see how great this really popular series is.

This series has a great logo “possibilities, unlimited” and that’s where its name comes from. Indeed there are many things that you can do with the help of this magnificent line of gadgets. These are ultra portable and have good technical features as you’re going to see in the lines to come.

From the start we’re going to mention some basic things about the UL s: these have the Asus Turbo33 Technology, a long resistant battery life and are also really thin, which means ultra portability.

You may seem a little bit unsatisfied by the fact that this series hasn’t got at its basis the newest hardware from the line of Intel processors. Don’t be so worried, because the ones that these have are as great as the others, but there’s a slight difference and you already know about this matter.

So, the UL series from Asus has at the basis Intel Core 2 Duo processors of different cache memories; there’s also one configuration for the Asus UL20A that involves the Intel Celeron processor.
When it comes to the operating system, Asus recommends us Microsoft Windows and you all know it’s reliable and really easy to use. You have different “species” of this operating system from where to choose from: Windows Vista (Ultimate, Business, Premium, and Basic) or Windows 7.

The UL series has a Mobile Intel Chipset, which is a marvelous thing, don’t you think in the same way? Oh and also let’s not forget about the Intel GMA 4500 MHD graphics and the memory size that’s up to 4GB DDR2 or DDR3. The storage size is 160 GB/250 GB/320 GB or 250 GB/ 320 GB/ 500 GB.

When it comes to the display size we need to mention that you have different sizes and quality. There’s the 12.1” LED Backlight WXGA glare-type, the 13.3” HD slim-type LCD and also a 14.0” HD slim-type LCD too. You see which one of these suits you the most.

Each and one of these gadgets are really slim and weigh less than 2 kilos together with the battery. Also, you have the variant with 6 cell battery or the 8 cell battery so you definitely have where to choose from.

These are some general things regarding Asus’ UL series and we hope that you’ve made an idea concerning these great looking gadgets. If the article from more than one month ago didn’t convince you maybe this one will!

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