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Asus UL30Vt notebook review

Want a perfect travel companion? It seems that the UL30 series will satisfy all your needs with a long lasting battery life that comes up to 12 hours and which permits you all day computing. You’ll be able to take your Asus notebook wherever you want and it won’t let you down, that’s a clare thing!

This gadget has the Asus Turbo33 Technology which permits both the hardware and software to cope perfectly and it offers a great reliability and increasing performance up to 33%! This is a wonderful thing compared with the other notebooks that don’t possess such technology! You’ll be able to get advantage of online streaming, multimedia applications and you’ll be able to see smoother videoclips!

This year’s notebooks and laptops seem to be under the sign of Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor. The UL30Vt offers also great proprieties although it has an Intel Core 2 Duo SU7300 processor! You’ll be able to get advantage of the multitasking proprieties without consuming much of your gadget’s energy! The DDR3 memory consumes less power comparing to the DDR2 memory, which comes again to highlight the fact that this product is a wonderful travel companion and you can rely on it half a day!

Besides the fact that it saves power and it is a gadget you can be sure it won’t let you down, let’s also mention that it has a great aspect and it’s so thin that you won’t feel it in your briefcase or backpack! It measures less then 1”, it’s made of aluminum and it’s so elegant and yet so strong in the same time, that you’re sure it won’t get harmed or any scratches from the exterior environment!  So up to now you have all the reasons in the world to buy this gadget!
The next feature that needs to be presented is the 13” backlight LED display with GraphiX Boost technology, which allows your gadget to have a nice balance between graphics and battery quality by switching between the dedicated NVIDIA GeForce G 210M graphics and Intel Integrated graphics!

And let’s end with the fact that its battery resists half a day, meaning up to 12 hours and that’s thanks to the Asus Power4 Gear Technology, which permits the consumers to turn off the hardware devices in order to save power in order to offer maximum energy efficiency for those that are on the run all day long or have to travel because of their work place!

So in other words, the notebook UL30Vt offers the buyers great proprieties and here are some conclusions: you’ll be able to use it 12 hours a day, great aspect with a powerful aluminum external lid, it has a Asus Turbo33 Technology for faster performance, a multitasking feature and switchable graphics in order to save power!

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