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Asus’ ultra powerful motherboards

We all know that Asus is an important brand on the market and not only from the point of view of mobile gadgets. There’s another field in which it has shown us its importance and has left a trace. In collaboration with Intel, Asus creates wonders and you can surely rely on its products. Let’s quit the chit chat and say that together with the Intel 980X we can be sure that we’re speaking of ultra power and performance….

Some days ago Asus announced all the support for the latest processor of Intel, 32nm processor (or Gulftown) in the 980X Extreme Edition. The 32nm processor has six-core or twelve-thread operation and will certainly offer the highest performance on the X58-based motherboards made by Asus. In order to get advantage of the strongest CPU performance of the Extreme Edition users have to simply update their BIOS. That is if they already have the X58-based motherboards….

This new configuration uses up to six cores, meaning that the CPU gets extra performance. The Asus members affirm that “by enabling the architecture in our award-wining X58-based motherboards, we can deliver one of the fastest personal computing platforms in history and we are very excited about it”. What does this mean? That you’ll obtain ultra performance if you have an Asus gadget with the X58-based motherboards at the basis…. The future of the mobile gadgets sounds great and we’re sure that this is only the beginning regarding the Asus components….

Asus is a leader when it comes to the architecture and results given by the motherboards, so you can be sure with the Xtreme Design Series that you’ll have extra performance and reliability. For over two decades Asus has delighted its consumers with great products and reliable hardware. The Award Wining P6X58D Premium that has SATA 6G and USB 3.0 technologies is one of the products that assures the consumers of a great experience and high performance!

As mentioned before, Asus is one of the top brands when it comes to producing great motherboards. The brand has a global share when it comes to sales and stuff like that. Let’s not forget the statistics: one in three computers has at the basis an Asus Motherboard. We can also mention that Asus is a trend setter and it has become an example for most of the international brands and it has encountered a high boost with its latest products, such as: Protect 3.0 designed for safe operations, the Hybrid Phase power design, the Hybrid Switch design and the Hybrid Processor…. As you can see only wonderful things regarding the Asus hardware! We hope that these things made as glad as we are…

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