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Asus X71SL- great for entertainment

Are you searching for a laptop that takes the role of a travel companion and a great entertainment solution? Well, we’ve got the solution for you and it’s named Asus X71SL. This gadget is ideal for your personal entertainment; in the lines to come you’re going to know exactly what there’s to know about it!

The Asus X71SL provides the necessary technology in order for you to feel like you’re having your home theater, computer and games all in a slight format that is also really great looking in the same time.

This laptop can be found at an affordable price and more important it offers you the solutions in entertainment that are needed. So this smart machine comes in a portable and sleek format and it has only great things about it, but this is only the starting point.

What’s the system at the basis? Well the dual core processing that offers the consumer great responsiveness in order to enjoy gaming, IM, record, audio, video and web-browsing in a simultaneous manner if wanted. Be sure that you won’t get bored with this gadget in your hands.

Let’s continue with some other features that concern this mobile computer, such as the 17.1” widescreen display that will give its consumers a great visual satisfaction. Let’s not forget also that with the help of the NVIDIA GeForce 9300M you’re going to receive the ultimate experience there is in these “fields”: High Definition Discs, High Fidelity Digital Imaging, Digital TVs and Media Center PCs.

Asus X71SL 2

The HDMI is also an important feature, it supports high definition, standard or enhanced video on a single cable. This is a useful thing and it will definitely be a pleasure to use it every time you’re with your friends and want to see your favorite movie on a large screen.

The Express Gate is the software that makes sure that users get advantage of the latest stuff with using this feature in a simple manner. This is built-in software that permits an ultra fast boot up and you’re going to easily access the web hotspots.

The Asus Splendid Video Intelligence Technology makes sure that you enjoy the highest level of resolutions, imagery and video. You’re going to feel like a part of that movie or game with the vivid videos and images in front of you. Also, there are improved features at the level of the color saturation, brightness, skin tone and image contrast.

The last thing that we want to mention about is the Power4 Gear eXtreme that assures you that some power is saved. Not only will you get advantage of marvelous features and technology, but also you can do this thing in a long period of time because this technology makes sure that the battery life is long lasting and so, the consumer gets advantage of a great multimedia and entertainment experience!

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