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Backpacks for laptops

We promised to continue with the topic concerning Lenovo accessories for carrying and we’re back with some other examples. Let’s cut to the chase and being you immediately these examples so that you can make a general opinion, shall we?

We start with the Lenovo performance backpack. This one is ideal when it comes to carrying your laptop, books, papers and all the documents you need around. This case makes sure that you carry really easily all the things that you need and you won’t even feel it on your back. Let’s mention that this backpack is able to carry around laptops that have displays up to 15.6”.

This backpack has in the front side a bungee system that permits you to place there a helmet, a jacket or even your newspaper. On the sides you can observe how there’s a special place for holding your water bottles there and this s[ace is kind of effective if you come to think of it. This accessory is designed in such a manner that you won’t even feel that it’s on your back, as we mentioned previously….

There’s also the neoprene carrying handle, the special area has pencil or pen holders, pockets for MP3 players, notebook cables, cell phones and even calculators. All of these can be held in your carrying accessory. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? Also, your laptop will definitely protected inside, because there’s a special place for it, in which it stays really great.

Case Logic 17 Canvas Backpack

We continue our list of suggestions with the Case Logic canvas backpack, which is also offered by Lenovo. This one is designed in a very stylish manner; you can observe this thing by the pattern used on the front side of this purse and even from the model, the cuts and all the details used.

Let’s mention that you can place in this backpack, laptops that have up to 17” display size. Here’s a nice thing about this backpack: you have a bottle opener which will be very handy when it comes to tasting beers and refreshing yourself in a really pleasurable way. Besides the things mentioned up to this moment, we need to mention that this backpack is made from the finest cotton canvas, which 100% earth friendly.

There’s also a quick access to an external zip pocket on the backpack flap and three other pockets just ideal for placing your phone, MP3 player or mo matter what accessories you have there. There are also the shoulder straps that will be ideal when it comes to comfort and things like that….

You can find this backpack in a green variant, but there are also some other color tones in which you can find it and be sure that you have where to choose from!

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