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Benq Joybook Lite U101

Would you love a gadget to easily carry with you and not to be heavy? From this point of view Benq Joybook Lite U101 is perfectly created for you!

This tiny gadget weights only 1kilo, it is so thin and precious like! It is indeed like perfectly created for women because of its reduced dimensions and by the colors: sapphire blue, pearly white, rosy pink and shimmery black!

The Benq Joybook Lite U101 comes like a help for the basic need of the nowadays human being: blogging, chatting, shopping and other things that involve the modern man. This mini laptop has a cute keyboard that is very fine in feeling when you push the buttons (which are just accessible to your fingers).


Benq Joybook Lite U101

The LCD display is type WSVGA and it has 10.1 inches and a resolution of 1024 x 576 pixels. It is fit for relaxing moments with cartoons or news…

This mini laptop has an Intel Atom N270 processor, 1.6 GHz frequency CPU, 512 kb cache, and FSB 533. The RAM memory is type DDR2, with a maximum capacity of 1024 MB and standard of 512 MB, also a HDD capacity of 160 GB, SATA interface and 5400rpm speed of rotation.

It has also a webcam and a High Definition audio system, it can also be connected to wireless (802.11 b/g) in a 10/100 Mbps connection.

When it comes to other aspects, this gadget has 3 USB ports, a 4 in 1 card reader, and one VGA port. It is kind of poor from this point of view, comparing to other gadgets, but it wins in the power area, as its 3 cell Li-Ion battery resists for almost 4 hours (it is a plus).


Benq Joybook Lite U101

Benq Joybook Lite U 101 has as a basic system of operation, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition; the other aspect forgotten to be mentioned is the video one: this gadget has an Intel GMA 950, with a video memory capacity of 224 MB that is shared.

Although it isn`t a strong product, this mini laptop can help you in your needs when you`re travelling. It may be produced for women, because of its colors, and aspect (its external lid seems to be very glossy and girlish), but maybe for this reason it isn`t as strong as others. After all, what do women need an accessory for? Browsing on the internet, shopping, blogging, chatting and writing documents, right? So, it may be considered wonderful from this point of view!

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