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BenQ Joybook Q41

We continue our series of reviews with BenQ’s Joybook Q41 laptop. This gadget is the perfect expression of a great looking gadget and with a wonderful design: the dual-screen. Also, you’re going to always have what to do with it in any time and no matter where you find yourself.

Let’s see sine aspects concerning this laptop and you tell us if it sounds great or not! This gadget is ideal if you like to chat with your buddies. You can dial the number directly from this laptop’s auxiliary display and so maintain live conversations with your friends.

BenQ Joybook Q41 2

Also, you can play Solitaire whenever you feel bored and this will definitely help you change your mood, it’s ideal while you’re on the road or if you want to make a break between your daily activities.

The auxiliary display shares also all the pictures that you may have in your personal computer and so, there’s a lot of space for the already existing pictures and those that you’re intending to do.

BenQ Joybook Q41 3

The RSS Feed Viewer keeps you in touch with the newest stuff and it can be downloaded on the auxiliary display that can be observed on the external lid. Let’s also mention that there’s also the Windows Media Player feature that makes sure you don’t get bored while you’re on the run and wanting to listen to music and stuff like that.

Besides the fact that the BenQ Joybook Q41 looks great you can do many things with its help as you already observed from the lines above. The 14.1” display has the UltraVivid technology feature that makes sure you get all the movies, videos and pictures in the top quality level. Also, there’s the Display Brilliance Enhancement Film feature that makes sure you see what is needed to be seen during the night time and with sharpened details.

BenQ Joybook Q41 4

After you observe the fine details concerning the external aspect of this gadget you may probably thing that it’s quite sensitive, well it’s pretty tested: the drop test for the entire gadget, the pressure test and also there’s the keyboard test too. Be sure that if you buy it, you’re going to last with it for some time!

This gadget has the NVIDIA Preface that is ideal and it’s working perfectly with the Windows SideShow; the second display is ideal for additional information and also for entertainment features too. As you can see there are all the reasons in the world to buy this gadget, between which we include the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, the SiS M672 chipset, the SiS Mirage graphics and 1 GB of DDR2. Only interesting things and certainly you won’t get bored with it in your lap.

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