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BenQ Joybook S33

If you’re looking for a stylish and great looking laptop then we’ve got just the answer for you: BenQ Joybook S33. This gadget denotes beauty from every inch and it’s ideal when it comes to entertainment and multimedia tasks.

Although great looking this isn’t all about the Joybook S33, it also has advanced technology in it and all under the format of an elegant product and really easy to be carried around. Let’s mention that through the external lid and color there is given a hint towards the classic Victorian style and also you can observe just how stylish this gadget really is with all the patterns and elegant color schemes.

The beauty of this gadget isn’t limited only to the external lid – there are also some other elements that make it great. So besides the spectacular look, there is also the 13.3” display with high resolution, there’s also the Display Brilliance Enhancement Film features (that brings you extra performance and great colors and views during the night time when the surrounding light doesn’t help you). The Intel Centrino 2 Processor makes sure that you receive the greatest technology features and let’s also mention that this laptop offers you video content with the help of the DirectX support.
With the help of the built-in SRS TruSurround XT you’re going to experience a wonderful multimedia experience. So, you’re going to feel like a part of that movie and video and not only…. With the help of the 2 MP webcam you’re going to be able to maintain video conferences with your friends and closest ones and also speak with them via microphone. Another thing that has to be said concerning the entertainment field is the fact that with the help of the speakers you’re going to receive the highest level of quality and it will be a pleasure to talk via laptop.

So, as we mentioned before you can enjoy the latest movies, music files, presentations and records in the top quality sound and not only! It will definitely be a pleasure to enjoy all these things, while you’re feeling really bored.

These being said let’s continue with the specifications and say some things about these: there’s the Intel Centrino 2 Processor, the Intel GM45 Chipset, the Intel GMA X4500HD graphics, DDR2 512MB memory, 13.3” display with WXGA resolution…. All of these will make sure that you experience an interesting mobile computer experience. Besides the things mentioned up to this moment we would like to mention that this gadget has about 2 kilos together with its battery and you won’t have any problems when it comes to carrying it around.

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