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BenQ Joybook S42

We continue our series of reviews for BenQ laptops and next in our suggestions is the Joybook S42. This one has at the basis the Intel Centrino 2 processor that will bring you the ultimate experience when it comes to high-definition digital entertainment and let’s mention that this won’t cost you the gadget’s battery life, because it will resist and these aren’t the only basic things that can be mentioned about this laptop, there are some others to come….

Another thing that you will enjoy definitely is to watch movies and enjoy multimedia stuff with the help of this Intel processor and also due to the graphics and high quality features – enjoy movies full HD movies without any problems; sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

And speaking about viewing movies and things like that, let’s mention that you can experience great 3D effects also and all of these are due to the NVIDIA GeForice 9600M GT graphics, together with the DirectX 10 gaming, these are equal to no boredom ever…. Do we need to mention about all the great visual effects that you’re going to obtain or the finest visual experience that you have ever encountered?
Movies aren’t the only things that can be viewed and experienced when it comes to multimedia experiences. Well, some other things that you may really want to now about are the games that can be played really fine due to the graphics chipset that was mentioned preciously. Besides the things mentioned up to this moment we add the green features as well, and these make sure that you use gadget as long as you like with low power consumption. This is indeed quite a great product, isn’t it?

And speaking about ecological friendly features, here are some other ones that may interest you: there’s the LED backlit display and besides this you will experience also the highest level of quality when it comes to viewing movies and things like that. To this we add the fact that you obtain a really natural surrounding sound and effects, due to the SRS TruSurround XT technology. So, did you make your min yet?

Be sure that you won’t loose any data from your gadget in case an accident happens to it! This is sure and you’re safe indeed. Let’s mention that you only need to press two buttons: ALT and F10 and all the files and folders, applications or whatever will remain saved there without any problems.

The 2.0 MP camera makes sure that you maintain video conferences with your closest ones while you’re away or you can also keep in touch with the newest things that happened to your business (you have internet available as well, you know?). The HDMI port makes sure that you can see movies from your laptop to a large screen in your living room and stay relaxed there for as long as you wish.

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