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BenQ Joybook S43

We’ve mentioned about this notebook previously and we’re speaking about the BenQ Joybook S43. The thing that determined us to do a review on it is the fact that it looks really great and we think that it’s as great as it looks. Let’s also not forget that it’s part of the S series and more things will be mentioned in the lines to come….

BenQ Joybook S432

This 14” notebook has a chic look and will definitely help you every time you intend on making a presentation or something like that. Also, it doesn’t involve any problems when it comes to carrying it around; it’s sleek and really slim.

Besides that it’s really lightweight and thin, this laptop has a really long battery life resistance, thing that is a bog pro when it comes to acquiring it. We know that the consumers enjoy the idea of a portable computer that needs to have its battery charged once in a while.

BenQ Joybook S433

What are the things that help the battery life be improved? Well, first of all it’s the backlit display and the Intel processor that works with very low voltage. Besides the effective battery life resistance, there’s also the external format that inspires resistance.

You can carry this laptop wherever you go, because its looks and weight permit it. All the things concerning the BenQ Joybook S43 kind of push you to carry it around with you. For instance, take into account that it weighs less than 2 kilos, it’s really thin, under 1” and the battery life resistance is about 5 hours.

BenQ Joybook S434

All the features mentioned previously are the things that make this notebook and accessory! You can find this gadget in simple black or rich blue tones, both looking marvelous. Let’s also mention that the keyboard and the touchpad are really nice to be felt and also they don’t involve any unpleasant things when it comes to using them.

All its other features indicate the fact that the BenQ Joybook S43 is a wonderful traveling companion and it brings an interesting multimedia experience: there’s the DDR3 memory, the high resolution screen, the crystal-clear sound with surround effects and these are the basic things that push us into saying that this gadget is ideal as an entertainment “bud”.

BenQ Joybook S435

So, this laptop has 4GB of DDR3, top quality resolution, the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 graphics, the SRS Surround HD and also the SRS Headphone, up to 500 GB of HDD, a built-in card reader and a eSATA slot, Wi-Fi features and Bluetooth.

The built-in 1.3 MP will be useful every time you want to create funny moments with your friends and you realize video conferences. As you can see there are all the reasons for you to buy this gadget, we just hope that we convinced you just how great this gadget is and if you don’t have the necessary amount of money to buy it new, we think that you can apply for a refurbished or a second hand variant.

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