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BenQ Joybook X31

The Joybook X31 laptop is part of the X series from BenQ. This laptop seems to highlight itself through the amazing looking aspect with ultra-slim dimensions and also lightweight features, to which we add the great quality of the 13.3” display and the technical features, which are at the highest level.

So, let’s cut to the chase and mention some exact things about this laptop and start with its great looking aspect. This is a sleek laptop that has a strong exterior cover- which will not let you down, be sure of that! The BenQ Joybook X31 is less than an inch and it catches your eyes with its bronze looking cover that offers different views- depending in which angle you admire your laptop. Also, let’s not forget that as soon as you place your hands on this laptop you’re going to feel great things, because there’s the soft and silky touch that won’t let you down. As you can see, this great looking laptop denotes elegance from every angle and you can be sure that you’re going to be proud with it in your hands.

We were mentioning something about the 13.3” screen. Indeed, this gadget has great display with vivid colors and it’s brighter than any other laptop’s screens. Also, this screen has the backlighting features that make sure you’re going to enjoy the finest details even if the surrounding light doesn’t help you. Some other things that we would like to mention about are the Display Brilliance Enhancement Film and the UltraVivid technology – big pluses as well.
This laptop shares a stunning graphics with the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT that makes sure you enjoy the highest level of performance. Another thing that we would like to mention about is the fact that you can play 3D games without any problems, because these run smoothly. Besides the games that you can play, you can also get advantage of the multimedia features without any problems….

Also, there’s a slot especially for CDs and DVDs and you won’t have that unpleasant looking tray anymore and this is another big plus for this gadget; this is how you combine pure pleasure with great looks and you end up with the BenQ Joybook X31.

You will have instant access at your fingertips! You won’t encounter any problems when it comes to using the touchpad: browse very easily on the web, scroll through your documents and to whatever you like, without any problems (it looks fine and it won’t even be felt when you touch it).

Be sure that you won’t ever get bored with this laptop in your lap! You’re going to see as many movies as you wish, see photos or create videos and the list may continue….

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