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BenQ laptops are well known on this market too. These are outstanding products that confer a great perspective when it comes to the mobile computer experience. We will divide these gadgets into series as we did with the other brands and also we’re going to have a general discussion over them, but be sure that we’ll get back with this topic and you’ll find out what you need and what you want to know.

So, there are several series when it comes to the BenQ laptops and these are the A series, the Joybook Lite series, the P series, Q series, R series, S series and also the X series. You’re going to know some general things about these gadgets and maybe you decide in the end that you would like one of these….

The A series includes the Joybook A53 notebook and we had a previous topic regarding this one. This is indeed a great looking mobile computer with fine features, a 15.4” display with vivid colors, an ergonomic keyboard and a touchpad with finger friendly features, a built-in webcam and a robust design that won’t be affected by external factors at all!

benq joybook a53

The next series in the list is the Joybook Lite one that has many interesting products under this name, laptops like: T131, T131P, T132, U102, U103, U121 Eco, U122 Eco, U 101, U101C and U105.

These gadgets too are characterized through good looks, high portability and good technical features. You can definitely rely on them, no matter what gadget it is. In the future time we promise to discuss a little bit more about the Joybook Lite series, because there are some other things that need to be said in particular and we don’t have the necessary space here.

Between these notebooks, there are two in particular that are made in an eco-friendly manner and you can notice this thing even from their names: Joybook Lite U121 Eco and U122 Eco.

Let’s leave these behind and go next to the P series that has as component the P53 notebook: a good looking gadget, with powerful graphics, great sound effect and extra space for your data and all your programs.

benq joybook p53

Next is the Q series that has the Joybook Q41 notebook as a part. We mentioned some things about this gadget in a previous article and it’s not bad if we do this again: it’s the perfect companion when it comes to entertainment and things like that. A thing is a fact: you can’t get bored with this notebook!

benq joybook q41

The R series has as components stylish laptops like R46, R47 or R58. These notebooks have powerful Intel processors at the basis, are ideal for entertainment as well and look really good on the exterior.

BenQ Joybook R46

Some other gadgets that are really stylishly looking and also have good technical proprieties are those from the S series, more specifically: S35, S43, S33, S57 and also S42. You simply can’t decide which’s the most suitable of them all, because they all sound great and look great in the same time!

BenQ Joybook S35

The last one we want to mention about is the X31 notebook from the X series. This one has powerful and vibrant colors and it will bring you interesting features as well….

benq joybook x31

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