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BenQ’s awarded Joybook Lite U103

BenQ hits the jackpot even from the beginning of this new year with the Joybook Lite U103 in this way expanding the series of the Joybook netbooks.

What`s so great about this new gadget? Well, the fact that it weights only 1.1 kg and it`s super slim? Well, it may be super slim, but its technical prospects won`t be that better you say! It isn`t exactly in that way, because it also has great features, such as an Intel Atom processor and a genuine Windows 7 operating system, it also has dual drive capacity and smart connectivity! And add to these technical aspects the fact that it has a 10 inch UltraVivid LED backlit display, and an ultra sensitive touchpad, things won`t seem piece of cake at all! The company`s logo seems fit for the portable device experience offered by this gadget “With BenQ, things are certainly lookin’ great!”.

This product denoting performance and beauty in the same time, is on the market of China, Taiwan and Thailand for 8 days now, it can be found in two different colors and nuances: arctic white and ocean blue, also it has received the IF Design Award and that`s a big pro, highlighting the fact that it is indeed a notebook with great features!

It has a SRS TruSurround HD system and SRS CS Headphone, which is kind of great for a petit gadget with only 10 inch display! It`s reliable, meaning that you can count on it when you take it with you in your journeys and it works at the highest levels no matter where you are!


The Q-Charge propriety reassures you that throughout the 6 cells battery obtains in 1 hour energy of 4.5 hours! The gadget`s battery lifetime ends up to 8 hours, which is a wonderful thing, showing that you can count on this gadget everywhere you go and take it with you!

The new processor used in this notebook shows it can be possible to work on your things, documents or everything you like using a low consumption! It also has a 532 GB maximum memory capacity, which is wonderful in storing all your information, documents and files! You can do, as you can see, so many things in the same time with this gadget!

In fact, the 1.3 MP Webcam and the high-speed WiFi coordinate perfectly in order to create wonderful memories and discussions with the ones you love and are far away from you! With this gadget you get innumerable advantages: the UltraVivid LED display seems to tell this thing and you can enjoy your favorite movies without stripes or unclear colors, you can play the games and enter in that special world with the help of the Joybook Lite U103’s proprieties! The sounds are also inspiring, you hear clear and without distortion! The touchpad ultra sensitive moves in a jiffy the cursor, because it “feels” your every touch! It`s indeed a good product, and little by little, many of us can obtain it and “wear” it all the time with he or she!

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