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Best buy laptops – Dell Studio 17

Best buy laptops…. You can get daily lists of such types of laptops and in the same time, these are really effective because you’re going to be able to apply for a laptop or another in case you have an unlimited sum of money at your disposal.

Throughout the time we’ve presented some suggestions of best laptops and it seems that the first two spots and places are dedicated exclusively from some time ago to the Compaq Presario CQ62Z notebook, which occupies the first place and the other is taken by the Apple MacBook Pro. Well, we’re certain that you know just how effective these laptops are because we’ve suggested them so many times before. When it comes to best buy laptops, the first one mentioned is the one that you’re looking for due to its price around $380.

Apple MacBook Pro

Compaq Presario CQ62Z

As we want to share with you only the best examples we would like to continue with another laptop that can be considered to be cheap and good to be taken into account whenever it comes to the list of best laptops, this one placing itself on the forth place.

So, the laptop that we’re speaking about is the Dell Studio 17 laptop. This one can be made in almost color you want, which means that you can easily customize it. Depending on your expectations in what concerns the processor, the Dell Studio 17 laptop can be customized with the newest processors at the basis, like the Intel Core i3 or the Intel Core i5 processor. You can be sure with one of these at the basis that there will not be any disappointment.

Dell Studio 17

As for the operating system you can apply for different configurations and be sure that neither one of these is going to seem too hard to be used. So, you can choose between the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system and the Windows 7 Ultimate with XP Mode. All of these seem useful and great to be taken into account so have no worry!

There are three different levels and types of memory size that you can apply for and we’re sure that you’re going to think attentively of one of these…. So, there’s the option with 4GB of DDR3, the 6GB of DDR3 as well as the 8GB of DDR3.

When it comes to the hard drive capacity and details like these you also have different solutions from which you can choose. So, there’s the 500GB option, or the 640GB as well as the 1TB of HDD. Indeed, interesting things if you ask us and really effective features in the same time.

The Intel HD graphics is going to seem useful enough and it’s going to display marvelous features we’re certain of this matter.

The HD display has a size of 17.3” and you can be sure that you’re going to enjoy gorgeous movies and applications with its help….

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