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Best buy netbooks

We would like to continue with some other Asus netbooks examples that can really be placed in the category of best buy netbooks as well- these are really great examples that need to be taken into account and we’re sure that between these you’re going to be able to find your favorite one.

So, let’s start with the Asus Eee PC 900HA netbook that is really interesting in the same time- as well as the others this one is interesting looking, it’s thin and light and can be carried in all the places you go. Also, its technical features are not going to disappoint you and by using them you’re going to feel that this is indeed the appropriate gadget for you.

Asus Eee PC 900HA

Let’s mention first of all about the Windows XP Home operating system that doesn’t involve any difficulties when it comes to being used. The battery life resistance of this netbook goes up to 5 hours due to the Super Hybrid Engine, there’s also the large storage space of 160GB HDD that needs to be mentioned as well as the exclusive 10GB Eee storage online. The internet features are great for being used and you’re going to love applying for them….

Indeed, only interesting features surrounding this netbook and we also have to mention about the effective Intel Atom N270 processor that supports multitasking and the 8.9” LED backlit display that is really helpful whenever it comes to watching a movie, multitasking and so on. There’s also the integrated webcam that you need to know about and all these features ensure your laptop works properly and that you’re going to enjoy an interesting mobile computer experience….

Another gadget that we want to attach in the category of best buy netbooks is the Asus Disney Netpal that was mentioned about in previous reviews of ours and of which you’re going to feel enchanted of.  This one is designed for children and the external chassis seems to indicate this fully! So, this one is made in pink with all kinds of nice and childish patterns on it- these were the things concerning the exterior, let’s continue with mentioning some general aspects, shall we?

Asus Disney Netpal

The Windows XP Home operating system needs to be mentioned, also there’re the graphic menus that we need to mention about and which are really easy to use, the permission features that ensure a web-safe experience, the captivating designs on the desktop are inspired by the Disney characters and there’s also the protection for the hardware in case of bumps and the spill- resistant keyboard which is an amazing feature as well.

There’s also the 8.9” display that you need to know about as well as the Intel Atom N270 processor. All these elements indicate the fact that it’s a netbook that you have to apply for and you’re not going to regret taking it into account.

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