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Best laptops – Acer Ferrari

We promised not to end so soon with the topic concerning best laptops and we’re back again bringing you the most exquisite examples of such gadgets. Up to this moment you’ve got a really big list there with examples that really need to be taken into consideration and we hope that we can help you in a way or another. Also, we expect you to share with us your personal opinions and beliefs and let us know what you think about what we suggested.

Some time ago we realized a review over the Acer Ferrari model, well, it seems that we’ve done just great because it is considered one of the best gadgets and we’re really happy to find out about that! This gadget is described as being really powerful, with “horsepower” and a sporty design in the same time.

Acer Ferrari 1000

Let’s see some pros concerning this gadget and maybe we’re going to convince you that this is indeed one of the best laptops. So, the Acer Ferrari is Ferrari licensed, it ahs a carbon fiber external lid and also an interior surface made of rubber, there’s also the fact that it has thin and light aspect with great performance features, this gadget has also an excellent keyboard, which is ideal when it comes to typing and chatting with your friends all day long. Do these things seem enough to you? Well, they shouldn’t because there are some other features left and we would like you to know about them….

ACER Ferrari 3400LMI

Besides the things mentioned up to this moment there’s the 15.4” display, which has bright and vivid colors, there’s also the feature in which this gadget offers you extra performance, the fact that it has a touchpad with high responsiveness and a scroll button, also you can play the latest games on this gadget and you have a large hard drive in which you can store all the gadgets that you wish.

The Modular Slot-Load Dual-Layer DVD supports every disc formats that are available in our days. Let’s not forget also that this laptop runs cool and that it won’t heat up no matter if you keep it turned on all day long. Get advantage of the wireless functions, the Bluetooth and all the features that you wish! The last thing that we want to mention about, but not the least is the Acer GridVista software that will definitely turn out to be useful every time you intend on using it.

Acer Ferrari 5000

Ok, so there are a lot of pros concerning this gadget and we’re happy to know that, but there must be also some cons, because there’s no such thing as a perfect gadget! This laptop hasn’t got a Smart Card slot security authentication, there’s also no CrystalBrite features or technology, the battery life isn’t that great and the wireless mouse isn’t that great when you use it, there aren’t that many multimedia keys and most of all it’s kind of expensive.

We didn’t manage to review more than a gadget, but there’s plenty of time, because there are some other great looking examples that you may like to hear about in the topics to come.

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