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Best laptops – Asus UL30VT and Apple MacBook

Many of you may wonder, before buying a laptop which one is the best on the market. Well, there are so many things concerning this matter that you just can’t imagine. Many would say that Apple are the best rated computer laptops, others could say that the Asus are the greatest! It’s a matter of taste and what you’re expecting from your computer!

Well, you may say it’s not a hard thing to find a productive, lightweight, great design and long battery resistant gadget. In fact, in these days it is a hard thing because there are many laptops launched recently and that satisfy all these needs. We would like you to suggest some of the laptops that we consider as being the best and maybe you’re going to make a general idea of this matter. Who knows?!

Asus UL30VT 3

Out first suggestion for in the list of best laptops is Asus UL30VT. This gadget is an ideal mixture of great looking aspect, powerful features, low power consumption and it’s also attractive from the point of view of the price.

The Asus UL30VT has pros, as well as cons, like a normal mobile computer. Let’s see some of this laptop’s pro: it has a long battery life, the CULV (it’s a consumer of ultra-low voltage), it has a marvelous looking design, switchable graphics, good track pad and keyboard and the Turbo33 feature that permits your gadget to work with extra power and permits you to multitask.

Asus UL30VT 2

We’ve seen what the pros are but let’s see what the cons are. This gadget doesn’t have an optical drive and the screen isn’t that marvelous nor in the size or the quality features. But comparing the pros with the cons we only want to draw a conclusion: the pros are in a higher number than the cons and this is quite a great thing, don’t you think so?

Asus UL30VT is a laptop that is recommended for travelers and students: it’s highly mobile, with a long battery resistance and a great design.  If gamers search for a laptop, then this one isn’t that recommendable and also the entertainment field and the business one isn’t recommended as well.

Enough talking about this Asus gadget, let’s jump to the next best laptop that is the Apple MacBook. Let’s dig in and see what are the pros and the cons concerning this laptop and after that we’re going to see for which categories is this laptop recommended to.

Apple MacBook

So, the pros of this gadget are: the aluminum exterior cover, the dedicated NVIDUA GPU, there’s also the great looking design together with the thinness and lightness, there’s also that unibody construction that we’ve been mentioning about in several times and there’s the glass track pad without buttons that has the multi touch features.

We’ve finished with the pros and we continue with the cons: the absence of the FireWire, it costs a lot, there’s no digital media card reader, the track pad which takes some time when it comes to being get used to and there’s no monitor-out adapter. You decide whether to buy this gadget or not!

Apple MacBook 2

We recommend it to you in case you want to use it for entertainment things and also if you’re a student. The greatest thing about the Apple MacBook is its design and you know that it’s ideal when it comes to great looks and things like that!

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