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Best Laptops – Dell Adamo and Dell Studio 15

Our list doesn’t end so soon and we would like to continue with some other examples that will definitely interest you from the first moment. In our previous lists we tried to offer you some great laptops, some of the best. If you have some other suggestions feel free to share them with us and maybe we’re going to realize a review on it.

Next on our list is Dell Adamo, which is kind of a luxury laptop and it, can be placed between gadgets like the Apple MacBook Air and HP Envy. This gadget is kind of expensive and we don’t know just how many of you can afford buying it.

Let’s see some features concerning the Dell Adamo laptop and as usual, we’re going to mention some pros and cons. This gadget’s pros are: it’s very thin and great looking and also you can rely on it because it has a solid construction. The cons of this gadget are the fact that it’s really expensive, it’s really heavy and also it isn’t that efficient, it’s very poor when it comes to the performance.

This laptop is ideal when it comes to travelling people and also for the entertainment field. Besides these, we also would like to give a high mark to the design and the fact that this gadget is really mobile and these are big pluses.

dell adamo

The Dell Studio 15 laptop is next in our suggestions and it has good technical features and it can be also found at a reasonable price. Besides the fact it is has good performance, it also looks great and it’s really easy to carry it around.

The pros of this gadget are: it has a great looking design, it has also a sharp and bright display, the battery life is great and also it has good value. The cons are the fact that it always gets warm when you use it and the GPU isn’t as you may expect it.

The Dell Studio 1537 is ideal for students, because it’s really easy to be carried around and you can use it without problems every time you wish. This gadget’s battery life says it all: it resists pretty much and this is definitely a big plus for a mobile computer and also students need their gadgets almost all the time and they can’t stay attached to their power adapters, can they?

dell studio 15

All these being said, we hope that we could help you in a way or another and also, if you don’t agree with us you can share your opinions freely and you can also offer some other hints and pieces of information concerning the best laptops. Also, you already know that you can find these gadgets in refurbished, second hand and used variants and you can buy them at a lower price, which is a really great thing, don’t you think so?

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