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Best Laptops – Fujitsu Lifebook T5010 Tablet PC and Toshiba Tecra R10

Our list doesn’t end of course and we would like to continue with other two examples and maybe you’ve already made your mind on some of the gadgets that we’ve presented up to this moment, because these are indeed the best from the rest.

So there’s the Fujitsu Lifebook T5010 Tablet PC, which has been presented to you in several of our topics, in a fugitive way or maybe we made a review on it. It’s not bad every now and then to get back to a topic and present it again, so that you know that it is really great.

Let’s see the pros and cons of this gadget. This tablet has responsive features and besides that it has also a great looking design, it’s productive and portable and also let’s mention that contrary to other gadgets it’s a tablet and a laptop in the same time.

We observed the pros, let’s now continue with the cons: the battery life resistance is average, the resolution as well and let’s not forget that the price isn’t that advantageous.


Next in our recollection of best laptops is Toshiba Tecra R10, which is a business laptop. This gadget is well features and when it comes to design and appearance it can be placed between the “other” sections.

When it comes to ratings and things like that, it can’t be placed through the extraordinary gadgets, it has average design, features and when it comes to mobility the situation stays the same. Also, it’s suitable for students, business people and it can be used also by those that travel a lot and in the entertainment field as well.

Let’s mention some of the pros of this gadget, which are: the fact that it is really light for its class, it has a great amount of ports, the NVIDIA graphics and also it has strong performance. The cons aren’t directly proportional with the pros, these are fewer: the lag when you use the touchpad and the battery resistance is under average.

Toshiba Tecra R10

We tried to be as subjective as we could and we hope that through our reviews we helped you make a general idea concerning the best laptops. As you well know there is no such thing as a perfect gadget and of course there are cons in every gadget’s description. We expect the day in which we realize a review and we don’t have anything bad to say about a gadget….

When it comes to the pricing, you can find some of these gadgets in second hand or refurbished variants and this is definitely a great thing for your pockets, because there’s this period of economical crisis and you want to save as much money as you can.

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