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Best laptops – HP Envy 131130nr

Best laptops, it’s hard to mention which ones are exactly the best that you can apply for and that’s why you can observe different names and gadgets exposed here so that you can choose yourself the best between the best.

We shared some neat examples of laptops up to this moment and we sure hope that you took them into account as to make a general idea and see which one is the perfect laptop for your expectations.

The one that was on the third place in our personal top of best laptops is the HP Envy 131130nr that can be found around the price of $1,300. These being said we would like to mention some interesting details and features concerning this laptop and we’re sure that you’re going to find it as gorgeous as it is.

HP Envy 131130nr

So, this one has all the design and gorgeous looks that you need in this world…. You can control everything with the help of the track pad and you’re not going to encounter any difficulties when it comes to the usage of these features, there’s also the full size keyboard that is easy to be used and you won’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to its usage. The other gorgeous feature that needs to be mentioned refers to the LED indicators in the keys, which are going to help you during the night. The dimensions are also gorgeous to be taken into account; the laptop can be carried really easy in all the places you go due to the fact that it’s 1” thick.

HP Envy 131130nr 2

You know all there is to be known in what concerns the Windows 7 Home Premium, we don’t have to add that it’s going to be really useful and you’re not going to encounter any difficulties whenever it comes to its usage.

The processor type is Intel Core 2 Duo with a speed of 1.6Ghz and we think that it’s more than enough whenever it comes to your daily activities and not only. There’s also the 13.1” display that has bright colors and it’s going to be a pleasure using it.

HP Envy 131130nr 3

The ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 has 512 MB dedicated and surely you’re going to find it really useful and good to be taken into account. as for the witreless features, these are superb and you’re going to enjoy using them while you’re on the run. There’s also the 250GB HDD that you need to know about and there’s also the protection feature of the HDD that permits you to save all your data in case you accidentally trip with the laptop.

Think of all the things that you can make with this gadget in your hands…. You have easily access to the Internet, photos, music, games and not only, you can edit as many pictures as you want and also make videos, get fast web access, browse safely, connect with ease, chat and the list can go on….

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