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Best Laptops – HP Pavilion HDX16t, Lenovo SL400 and Toshiba Portege R500

You’ve got some nice examples of best laptops up to this moment and we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about them. Also, there are many other examples left for you and we hope that you like these as well….

The first example is HP Pavilion HDX16t which is a great looking laptop with nice features, and yes, it’s between the best gadgets. Let’s see some pros concerning this gadget: it’s the beautiful LCD in 16” which will definitely be useful every time you want to watch a movie or create something, also there’s the great looking lid with the palm rest design, the Blu-ray feature which is important as well and also this gadget is very powerful and all of these assure you that it’s worth buying it, but there are also some cons left and we don’t want to leave them behind….

The cons concerning this gadget are: the fact that it’s really heavy, it’s kind of thick and it works in a very warm mode, it gets warm when you use it. This gadget is ideal for those that search for a little bit of entertainment and you can bet that it’s worth every penny if you want to use it only in this perspective.

hp pavilion hdx16t

Next in our list of suggestions is the Lenovo SL400 with a 14.1” display. This is indeed a great looking gadget, but let’ see some aspects concerning its features and we start with its pros: it has a low starting price, which is ideal, it has a dedicated graphics card, a glossy looking external lid, it doesn’t make much noise when you use it and also it’s great for the performance aspect.

Similar to the other gadgets this laptop must have some cons as well and these are: the fact that it is overweight and the Touchpad scroll bars that need to be improved. This is a laptop which we definitely recommend for the students and it’s very easy to handle.

Lenovo SL400

It seems that this time we’ve succeeded in presenting you several models of best laptops and our recollection doesn’t end here; next on our list is the Toshiba Portege R500. This gadget is really portable and it’s light and very easy to handle.

The pros of this gadget include the fact that it’s incredibly lightweight and that it’s really thin, also it has a built-in optical drive, it has a stylish and sleek design, a long resistant battery life and there’s also the full-size keyboard which is great as well.

The cons concerning this gadget are these ones: it’s kind of expensive, it doesn’t have a modem, there’s the speaker that won’t satisfy your expectations and also it isn’t that great when it comes to the performance.

Also we offer big pluses for the battery resistance period, its features and the highly mobile features. Let’s also mention that this gadget is ideal for business people and for those that travel a lot!

Toshiba Portege R500

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