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Best laptops – Lenovo IdeaPad U110 black

If we’re speaking about best laptops then you have to know all there is to be known concerning this matter and what gadgets you can take into account so that you can eventually end up with a good solution. Of course, most of them have the looks, others have both the looks and technical specs and there are others that don’t look that gorgeous but there’s something about them that makes them stand between the top 10 lists of laptops.

It remains to speak about the Lenovo IdeaPad U110 laptop that can be encountered around he price of $1,800 that can seem to much for some of you, but as its technical and exterior aspects tell it, it’s between the most interesting gadgets to be taken into account.

Lenovo IdeaPad U110

First of all, you have to know that this gadget is really great looking and it’s thin and the fact that it can be encountered in a black option makes it even more delightful. We’re sure that you’re going to take it into consideration but this aspect concerning the looks isn’t the only thing that needs to be known. There are some other aspects which concern the technical part and you have to take these into account as well.

So, you can purchase this gadget in case you’re a business person, its aspect and its technical features are all about being carried around and being able to use its features no matter where you find yourself and at what level you want.

This particular laptop has at the basis the Intel Core 2 Duo processor with a speed 1.6Ghz which seems more than enough when we’re speaking about good specs and not only. The installed memory of this laptop is of 2GB DDR2 and the hard drive capacity is of 120GB and it permits you to store as many files and applications you want in it.

Also, if you think that this space doesn’t suit you well enough then it means that you can take into account adding extra space and this is a big plus.

The 11.1” display may seem too small, but in comparison with those that have a 10.1” we think that it’s effective and you can rely on it totally while you’re on the run. You’re going to be able to multitask freely and without encountering any difficulties as well as receiving a stunning feedback with the help of the marvelous visuals.

Lenovo IdeaPad U110 2

There’s the DVDRW dual layer that you have to know about and let’s not forget that it’s going to come in handy whenever you need it and this is a big plus for sure.

As for the graphics you have to know that with the Intel Gaphics Media Accelerator you’re not going to encounter any difficulties and it’s indeed a big plus for this laptop as well.

There’s also the integrated video camera that you have to know about as well as the 6 in 1 card reader. The other stuff that you need to know about relate to the expansion ports, like the 3 for USB, there’s one for IEEE and there’s also another for the VGA out.

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