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Best Laptops – Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 and Alienware m15x

We’re back with the topic concerning best laptops. Admit it: it’s pretty hard to decide whether a laptop is the best, you simply can’t decide if it’s the greatest thing of them all and this is indeed a fact! It takes time to make a decision and it’s also really hard to make your mind only one gadget. We tried to present you some of the best and we hope that you agree with us when think that these are the best. If you have some other suggestions you’re free to share them with us and let’s also mention that the list doesn’t end here….

Between the best rated laptops you can find this multimedia gadget, which is Lenovo IdeaPad Y650. We’ve mentioned several times about it in our reviews and it’s a pity not to do it again, because as you can observe it is one of the best!

Let’s mention what are the pros and cons of this product and you draw yourself some conclusions. The Lenovo IdeaPad Y650 has a great looking design, it is lightweight and thin, and it has also a large 16” widescreen display and a big touch pad. These are the pros, let’s see the cons: it’s kind of expensive, its battery life resistance, and the ports aren’t that numerous and let’s also mention that the keyboard is really petite and that you’re going to handle it in a very difficult way.

This laptop can’t be recommended for any category, because it hasn’t got some definite qualities, but one thing is known for sure: the design is exquisite and let’s also mention that the features are great also, but there is a lack of something here and there and this isn’t such a great thing.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y650

You already know so many things about the Alienware m15x laptops that we think it’s annoying to repeat these over and over again, but let’s say a few words and you won’t regret a thing-that you’re reading about it.

So, this is a laptop that is highly recommended to gamers and it can definitely be used for entertainment. This gadget has powerful features and also it will deliver 3D performance and you can be sure of that.

This gadget’s keyboard is backlit and this is a great thing, because if you have the intention of playing something during the night and you don’t want to disturb the others, you’re going to handle just great this feature. Let’s also mention that the track pad is backlit too and you won’t have any problems when it comes to using it when it’s dark in the room.

The Alienware m15x may have a high price, but we think that it’s worth it and also let’s mention that all its technical features and its design prove this thing. So, if you want to buy such a gadget start earning some money and you can be sure that you won’t regret it!

Alienware m15x

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