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Best laptops – Sony VAIO FW,Lenovo ThinkPad T400s and HP TouchSmart TM2

We continue our list of suggestions for best laptops so you have where to choose from and also we hope that you’ve read our previous article with deep interest, because deep interest…. In the lines to come, you’re going to read about some interesting gadgets and maybe you’re going to apply for one of these.

We start with speaking about the HP TouchSmart TM2 tablet, which is a great product as well as the others. It’s a good combination of battery life and usability, although we think that its technical features could have been better.

HP TouchSmart TM2 tablet 2

Leaving all the chit chat behind let’s continue with mentioning some of this phone’s pros. So, it has an extended battery life, it’s quiet and also it doesn’t heat up, you can also switch between the graphics very easily and the screen is multi-touch, fact that is quite great. Like any other gadget this laptop has some cons also, because every thing can’t be perfect. The cons of this gadget are the fact that it could have had better performance features and also let’s not forget about the patterns with engravings aren’t especially meant for anyone.

HP TouchSmart TM2 tablet 3

The most interesting thing about this gadget is its battery life, the fact that it can “stay alive” for hours and hours and it can’t be meant for a certain category, like gamers, travelers, students, business people or those searching for entertainment: it’s for everyone!

We continue with a light and thin laptop and this is one of the best too, we’re speaking about the Lenovo ThinkPad T400s. This gadget is really slim and in the same time it’s powerful too, but let’s see exactly what this product is about, shall we?

Lenovo ThinkPad T400s

We start, as usual with the pros: it has a lightweight design and thin too, it has also interesting features, let’s not forget also about the bright LCD with great colors and the keyboard that permits you to type everything you want without encountering any difficulties.

When we mention about pros, there essentially need to be cons too, right? So here you have them: the battery life isn’t that extraordinary, it costs a lot as a gadget and also these gadgets have slow HDD.

The Sony VAIO FW is next in our list. Similar to the review on other gadgets we’re going to mention some pros and cons regarding this gadget, so that you can make a general idea. In some words, this gadget is ideal for entertainment because it has a great looking display.


Let’s present you exactly what the pros are: there’s the bright and beautiful HD display, the Blu-ray and HDMI features, also it works in a very cool manner and it’s quiet too, and the design denotes simplicity and only great things.

Sony VAIO FW 2

The cons of this product are the stickers that specify the name and brand of this gadget, the speakers aren’t that great and the external lid doesn’t feel that great when you place your hands over it, it’s kind of rough.

Sony VAIO FW 3

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