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Best Laptops – Sony VAIO VGN and MSI Wind U100

So, as we promised the examples won’t end that soon and we’re back with this topic and this time we’re going to present you several models of best laptops and maybe you finally make a decision in order to know what gadget you should buy or what you should recommend to your friends and closest ones.

Next in our list of suggestions is the Sony VAIO VGN gadget, which is a really lightweight gadget which features you’re going to hear about in the lines to come. More exactly, you’re going to know about all the things that are needed to be known concerning the pros and cons when buying this laptop.

So let’s start with the pros as usual and say that this is a highly portable gadget that is really thin and light and it has a carbon fiber external lid, the battery life resistance of this gadget is decent, it has a great looking design and also the 13.3” display will definitely turn out to be useful every time you decide to work with your gadget in some application or something like that. There’s the MySafe feature, which is a biometric security feature and also there’s the Hybrid Graphics System which is another great feature concerning this gadget.

All these being said, you’ve made a general idea concerning the pros of the Sony VAIO VGN, let’s now see the cons: it’s kind of expensive, it has no DVI and it’s kind of noisy (the keyboard is noisy, the optical drive too and the CPU fan as well).

We recommend this gadget for business people and for those that travel a lot. We offer a big plus for the way in which this gadget is realized and the fact that it has a high level of mobility, fact that simply enchants us.


The MSI Wind U100 is a slim notebook and can be placed between the best laptops very easily. This gadget can be found at a great price and you can get advantage very easily of its technical features. So let’s leave the chit chat behind and mention some of the pros of this gadget: there’s the great LCD viewing angles, the 6-cell battery option, it has a great keyboard that will definitely be useful every time you intend on writing a message, an email or something like that. There’s the Wireless N, the 3 USB 2.0 ports and the Bluetooth and a big amount of HDD space.

We have to admit that the pros and cons are in perfect coordination, like they’re directly proportional! So, the cons are: the touchpad that needs some improvement, the speakers which aren’t that clear and don’t bring such a great amount of volume and the webcam has lag.

We offer some other big pluses for the fact that this gadget is really mobile and that its battery life resist so much that you’re going to be able to use it all day long; let’s also mention that this gadget is ideal for those people who travel a lot and we definitely recommend it!

MSI Wind U100

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