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Best laptops

When buying a laptop you always wonder which product is the best of them all. It’s a hard decision at least in our days when you don’t know where to choose from. There are some buyers that know exactly what they want and most of them end up being really satisfied with their choice. In the lines to come we’re going to present you 5 of the most wanted laptops or notebooks and this article may serve as a piece of advice for those that really don’t know what to buy….

This product is really cheap, it’s reliable and it’s really easy to be carried around, we’re speaking about the Compaq Presario notebook PC on which we had a review some time ago. This notebook is rated as being great, like one of the best and we can understand this thing! And why is that? Because it costs around $400, it has great technical proprieties, it’s slim, it’s reliable and you can be sure that it won’t let you down. The Compaq Presario notebook PC is indeed a great traveling companion!

The next one on the list is Apple MacBook Pro 17” that costs around $2600. This time we can’t say anything relating to the price, because as you can observe it’s really high. We must admit that Apple notebooks are really awesome and that’s why these are next on the list.

Apple MacBook Pro 17”

The operating system may give you some headaches at the beginning, but you’ll get used to it really fast! Price isn’t that important when it comes to speaking about mobile computers- their effectiveness and exterior aspect (lightweight, slim) are the basic things that are took into consideration.

Here’s another great product we also talked about some time ago and it’s the Dell Studio 15 laptop computer. This one is also cheap too- $549- but we all know that this isn’t all when it comes to this mobile computer. It is really lightweight, it has great technical features and it’s definitely a great travel companion and not only!

Dell Studio 15

Asus Eee PC 10” in fine ebony is the next best thing and it’s a netbook with a really great price, more exactly around $390. We don’t recall mentioning about this gadget in any review, but we certainly will speak in the future time, because it sounds really interesting and it looks as good as it sounds! Its technical features are strong and you can rely on this gadget every time you need it, also its price tells you that it’s a pity if you don’t rush and buy it immediately!

Asus Eee PC 10”

The last gadget we want to mention about in our recollection of best laptops and notebooks up to this moment is the ThinkPad T61 laptop with 15.4” wide screen display that will certainly be effective in case you decide using it. It’s strong as a gadget and also you can carry it with you everywhere you intend on going.

ThinkPad T61

We feel like mentioning also that it’s affordable, it’s not that cheap or expensive and you can find it around $833.

We hope that this recollection helped you a little bit in making a decision, that is if you didn’t know up to this moment what laptop or notebook to buy. We will continue with our list of laptops in the next topic, so it doesn’t end here!

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