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Blue laptops 2

Now that we started with suggesting you laptops accordingly to their colors we would like also to continue with some other options that you can surely take into account in case you want your laptop personalized. So, we continue with the blue laptops and these are really gorgeous looking and really effective in the same time.

We start with the Packard Bell EasyNote laptop. This one has a powerful processor at the basis which will definitely seem a good feature when it comes to multitasking and enjoying the laptop’s features at the highest level of quality and standards. Also, this laptop’s processor has a speed of 2.1 GHz and let’s also mention that it has a 15.6” display that you have to know about and that will turn out really useful when it comes to watching your favorite movies and enjoying a gorgeous mobile computer experience.

There’s the other laptop that we need to mention about and that can be found in the blue option as well. this time we’re speaking about the HP  Mini 210 laptop that has an effective processor that is going to be raised at the highest level of power and you can be certain that you’re going to get advantage of it clearly. There’s also the 10.1” display that is going to be a great thing while you’re on the run and you want to get advantage of a gorgeous movie or simply play a game while you’re on the run. There’s also the 1GB of RAM memory that we have to mention about, the Windows 7 Starter operating system that you won’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to its usage. Another thing that you need to know about relates to the built-in webcam that is ideal for being used in video conferences and not only.

HP  Mini 210

The other laptop that we have to present to you and you surely have to take into account is the Acer Aspire 8935g gadgets and let’s not forget that’s blue as well….. This one has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of DDR2, an 18.4” display that will turn out to be useful whenever you’re on the run and you want to relax a little bit. Be sure that you’re going to receive a high level of power and quality in the same time and this is definitely a big plus. There’s also the Media Touch interface that you have to know about and the exact color of this laptop is gemstone blue, which definitely seems to be really gorgeous looking and you can be certain that your laptop is different from other ones.

Acer Aspire 8935g

So, are you satisfied with the laptop examples suggested up to this moment? Be certain that there are going to be other more in the future time….

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