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Blue laptops 3

So we promised to come back with some other examples of blue laptops and you can be certain that these are going to seem really great examples to you. We’re speaking about multiple examples of gorgeous looking gadgets that are going to seem good options in your daily activities and you can watch them as being accessories in the same time….

There’s the Msi Wind U135 laptop that we have to mention about firstly and that is of course a blue laptop. This one has a 10” display that is just great when it comes to computing on the run and getting advantage of the latest features and also let’s not forget that you can blog as much as you want. The next features that need to be mentioned are the Intel Atom N450 processor with a speed of 1.66GHz, the other features that you have to know about relate to the 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 160GB of DD, the really effective WLAN, the integrated webcam together with the Windows 7 Starter operating system. Be certain that you’re going to find all these features pretty useful and that you’re not going to regret applying for such a gorgeous laptop and really effective in the same time. How about that?

Msi Wind U135 2

The other blue laptop that we want to mention about is the Samsung R590 gadget that seems great looking as well and we’re certain that after you’re going to read about its features you’re going to see just how effective it is with all the features surrounding it. So, this one has a 15.6” display that will turn out pretty useful when it comes to seeing movies, multitasking, playing games and all your daily activities. Besides this aspect it has an Intel Core i5 processor as well as a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system that is going to turn out useful in your daily issues and activities- so there’s no worry about that!

Samsung R590

Samsung R590 2

The last laptop that we want to suggest to you and which is a blue laptop as well is definitely this one and it’s named as Samsung N150. This particular gadget has a 10.1” display and let’s also add that it’s really thin in the same time and this means that you can carry with you in all the places you go. The processor is really effective as well, it has a speed of 1.66 GHz and this means more than enough!

Samsung N150

How about that? Do these suggestions satisfy your hunger? We sure hope that they did and that you’re going to find these ones useful in the future time and that maybe you’re going to apply for one of these….

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