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Brown laptops

We were speaking some days ago about colors in laptops, in their exterior that is and we would like to continue this topic with other two great looking gadgets from different brands. This time we chose a brown color, it’s rather brown with a touch of gold and we think that these look really interesting on a mobile computer.

HP G62t series2

After all, such a gadget will always express your personality and choosing the appropriate color is the basic thing that you should do. We think that we mentioned about these two gadgets some time ago and it’s not a bad thing if we do it again, is it?

So the first great looking product in coffee color that we chose to speak about takes part of the HP G62t series. This is quite an affordable laptop and it has great technical features too, we need to mention firstly that it has a starting price of $599.99 and depending on the configuration you choose you may get to another sum of money….

This laptop has a 15.6” LED display and it is a perfect companion for all day computing. You can carry it along with you no matter the places you intend on going and this is a marvelous thing. There’s the matte finish that removes those awful fingerprints and so your gadget will stay clean all day long. The screen we already mentioned above will definitely be helpful in viewing all the movies possible and also admiring your pictures in top quality resolution. All the content you see will be seen in 16:9 ratios and this is a great thing, don’t you think so?

HP G62t series3

Also another thing that you need to know about is the full-size keyboard and also there’s the touchpad that offers you comfortable typing and browsing.

With the help of the Windows 7 operating system everything will be easier for you and you won’t definitely have questions concerning how it should be used or things like that. Let’s also not forget the fact that this laptop has at the basis the newest processors from Intel (i3 or i5) and this means extra power and great technical features.

You can also talk with your friends and maintain video conferences, because there’s an integrated microphone and also a webcam. All of these things make this gadget really great and if you add the external aspect then you’ll simply fall in love with it!

Here’s another elegantly looking mobile computer and this time it’s BenQ’s Joybook X31 laptop. This gadget is ultra slim and it will definitely be the perfect travel companion for you, because you won’t even notice it in your backpack.

Joybook X31

We chose to compare this gadget with the HP gadget because their similar colors a golden color, similar to bronze and this is a touch of elegance and it demonstrates the fact that you’re a refined person with great tastes. Besides the fact that it is really great looking, this BenQ laptop will definitely feel great when you touch it, it’s smooth and delicate and it confers you a really great touching experience.

Joybook X312

The 13.3” widescreen display will bring you brighter colors and it has backlight in case the surrounding light doesn’t help you; also it includes the Display Brilliance Enhancement film technology which will make your movies and videos look vivid!

Joybook X313

The Joybook X31 laptop has at the basis an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and you can choose between different types of Windows Vista operating systems. There’s also the integrated webcam that will help you when it comes to talking with your friends and realizing video conferences. Only great things about this laptop too!

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