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Buy used laptops – Alienware Area m51

There’s an extreme situation in which a harsh gamer “looses” his gaming laptop and he hasn’t got enough money in his pockets to buy a new one. What can he do in this situation? This isn’t a topic for that particular category…. There are also gamers that don’t have enough money for buying a gaming gadget and have to apply for a used laptop.

Don’t be ashamed of buying a used laptop and if it’s Alienware there’s definitely no reason for you to feel shame. You can find these products at great prices and you can test them and see if these work properly, study the product and see how much does it suit you or not. If you feel that it isn’t appropriate for you then you should keep on searching and this may take more than a few days, but this isn’t a bad thing at all, the more you search the more your chances of obtaining a bargain increase.

We found an interesting bargain for you: the Alienware Area 51m at the price of $739 or $759. This is of course a used laptop and we will mention a little bit its technical features and some things about it….

So this used laptop has an Intel Penium 4 processor, with a speed of 3200 MHz and system bus speed of 800 MHz. the hard disk has a capacity of 80 GB, 1024 MB of SDRAM installed and maximum RAM size is 2048 MB.

Alien Area 51 m15x

The difference between the prices consists in the display size. The much expensive one has a 16.1” display and the other one has a 15.4” screen. Both of them have the Active Matrix feature.

Another thing that should definitely be mentioned is the screen resolution, which is definitely high in both of the cases. You will enjoy every game you intend on playing. You can start testing these gadgets by playing your favorite game and see its reactions and how fast does it move or not!

This laptop applies for a Windows XP Professional operating system, but this won’t certainly be a problem for you, because it’s really easy to use and you won’t have any questions, or if you have some these have immediate answers.

Alienware Area 51 m5790

Besides the fact that you can play on this used laptop, there are many other pleasurable things that can be done, such as: surfing on the Internet with the help of the Wi-Fi feature, listening to music, creating multimedia documents and applications or simply watch a movie on the high definition display together with your beloved ones.

If we haven’t convinced you yet in considering buying a used laptop maybe after you’ve read this topic you’ll think of this aspect and maybe in the future time if you have some money saved you can apply for buying this gadget.

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