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Carrying accessories from Lenovo

We know that you aren’t fed up yet when it comes to bags that carry your laptop and we have here some other suggestions in order for you to make a general idea and also to have where to choose from. The prices that are brought here are for the brand new products and are taken from the official site of Lenovo.

We start with the ThinkPad Executive leather case that costs around $99. This case can hold products up to 15.6” display and these are compatible especially with the ThinkPad laptops. Another thing that we want to mention is the fact that it has the SafePORT patented air cushion protection makes sure that your laptop is safe and sound there.

ThinkPad Executive Leather Case 2

This accessory is made of leather and it has a gel shoulder strap that permits you to strap and comfort the handles in such a manner that it stays really comfortable on your shoulder. You have all the space you need and you can store, not only your gadget, but also other things that will turn out to be really handy if you want to go travelling or simply go to work.  There’s an easy access pocket in the front side that permits you to have at your fingertips all the accessories you like. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that it has multiple other pockets ideal for pens, business card holders or even for the power adapters and cords.

Here’s another suggestion that we have for you and it is the Targus Slam backpack. This one is cheaper and it has a price around $49.99. Let’s see exactly what is this accessory effective for, shall we? Well, most of all, this backpack is suitable for laptops that have screens up to 15”.

Targus Slam Backpack

This backpack has shoulder straps that can fit to any hands and shoulders, being really comfortable in the same time. In the front side there’s a pocket that comes in really handy and you can place there all the accessories needed as well as all the utensils you need, documents and so on…. There are also some special compartments designed for mobile phones or CD players. As you can observe, there are all the reasons in this world for you to feel tempted to buy this backpack. Did we convince you yet? Well, you should be convinced: it has a great price and it’s really useful in the same time.

If you didn’t like these two examples of accessories from Lenovo, there will be others in the future time in order to be helpful to you and so, you can make the appropriate choice.

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