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Carrying cases from Fujitsu

You’re always on the run and you don’t know in what container you can place your mobile computer? Well the great brands have solutions for all your problems and questions. For instance, Fujitsu brings you offers you a great range of carrying products at a good price! We’ll present some of these accessories including the price and you decide whether to buy them or not!

We start with a hand strap that has a price of $31, which is perfect for the ST4000 Tablet PC. Put your gadget inside it and you can be sure that you’ll get it out as it was! It won’t get any damages and it has an internal fabric that it’s ideal for your tablet. The handle is designed for right or left-handed users, so everybody should be happy. We consider the price convenient and the exterior aspect is great! You’ll look wonderful with this hand strap and you can be sure that you won’t have any problems in carrying around your gadget….

The next product we want to present is the Duo Travel bag that costs $57. It is described as being almost unique on the market with the big and comfortable space inside it. If it happens to drop it you can be sure that your gadget is in safe place, because this accessory is made of ballistic nylon and smooth leather. So it won’t have any scratches, you can stay calm! There is additional space for your documents, pens and the other things you carry around with you. This Duo Travel Bag is ideal for all types of notebooks and looks great also; its dimensions are 13.5” x 11.5” x 3”, which means that’s not hard at all!

Duo Travel Bag

Another case is the Messenger Bag that costs $119. It’s ideal for all notebooks and you can accommodate in it up to 15.4” notebooks. It has a main compartment with different pockets ideal for placing documents, wires and other accessories in it. The main case offers extra space for the gadget when you zip the bag. On the exterior it has also other pockets ideal for putting your mobile phone or wallet. The great thing about this bag is that besides the handle you have a strap, which will help your carry the weight easier and you won’t feel discomfort anymore. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your shoulders will be hardened too much, but on the contrary…. The internal compartment is 15.5” x 11.5” x 2” and the external side is 16” x 14” x 9”. The price may be high compared to the other products, but it’s worth it from our point of view…

Messenger Bag

We recall presenting you some sleeves some time ago and we hope that they were helpful. We now wish the same thing and we recommend you to buy such products in order to maintain your gadget resistant and good looking. Just think! It won’t have any scratches and most of all you’ll feel extra comfort with one of these accessories.

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