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Carrying cases from SONY VAIO 2

We continue with some other suggestions of carrying cases that come directly from Sony VAIO and we consider them rather affordable that’s why we suggest them to you in the first place. You have to know that these are made in a very interesting manner and that they’re going to turn out really handy!

So, this bag has double handle and an adjustable shoulder strap, which means that you can take it really easy with you in all the places you go. Another thing that you have to know is the fact that it can be carried really easily in the places you go and it won’t get damaged at all; also you can take it with you to the gym as well, because we don’t see any problem in doing that.

You also have to know that this one is made of black nylon and that it has numerous pockets in which you can store all the files and whatever you want to take with you in all the places you go.

carrying case from SONY VAIO

Also, you have to know about this carrying case that it can carry almost all the possible series of Sony VAIO laptops without encountering any difficulties.

There’s also the messenger case that we want to present to you and that’s going to be described in the lines to come…. So, this one can keep in it laptops that have display size up to 15.4”, also you have to know that it has a special feature that makes sure you’re not going to damage your gadget pretty much, also let’s add that it’s made of canvas and leather and that in this case it’s made in a gorgeous black tone.

carrying case from SONY VAIO 2

Another thing that we have to mention about relates to the segments that this carrying case has in it- the business card holder, the mobile phone pocket, the accessories for pockets, the pen loops, the shoulder strap is also an effective feature in order to carry this laptop in a comfortable manner, also the other thing that we have to mention about relates to the magnet class easy closing of the case which is also an important feature of this accessory.

So, did we convince you with our mini list of accessories for laptops? Well, we should have because it’s really important to have the appropriate accessory, carrying case or whatever for the product with which you cope almost daily. We’re certain that you took into consideration applying for such an accessory and that you’re going to buy one in the future time, because it would be a real pity not to!

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