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Cheap accessories and components for Alienware gadgets

This topic is dedicated to the real gamers. We browsed for some really interesting accessories for Alienware gadgets and we struck over some interesting offers you may want to find out about….We’re going to present you a list, as usual, and attach the prices too.

The first accessory we want to mention about and it’s a deal too, because it costs $209.99 and it is the Corsair laptop memory 4GB DDR3 PC3-8500. This thingy will certainly help you as a gamer and you know better this thing. After all you want your gadget to work magnificent in the time you’re playing a game, don’t you?!

Corsair Laptop Memory 4GB DDR3 PC3-8500

The next product we want to talk about is the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 2.66 GHz processor. You can find it at the price of $181.99 from the previous price of $250. We suggest you to enjoy this offer: take advantage and make sure that you browse exactly for the product we’ve mentioned and surely you’ll obtain it at a great price. We forgot to mention the fact that this processor in particular can be used for the desktop PCs and not for the mobile ones….

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 2.66GHz Processor

The next product we want to speak about is the Alienware M15x Extended 9 cell battery pack. This one can be found at the price of $49.99. It will certainly help you in your gaming experience and you’ll get advantage of your gadget for some extra hours than normal. Besides the fact that it has a longer battery life you can be sure that you mobile gadget won’t get tired and it will respond as great as it did in the beginning, when you turned it on.

Alienware m15x Extended 9 Cell Battery Pack

This is indeed an accessory and we’re speaking about the Alienware M15x AC adapter, which can be found at the price of $29.99. As the name tells it, you can use it for the M15x Alienware gadget and it’s really effective in those moments when all the signs show you that your PC is going to be “dead”, like in those games you play and the participant feels tired. What you do in this case? You use the accessory already mentioned and be sure that you can continue your game calmly.

Alienware m15x AC Adapter

These were the only accessories and components that we found at a reasonable price. If you start a search exactly with the names indicated above you will find them at the exact prices we’ve mentioned them and if you really need some of these elements hurry up, because some of them haven’t got much time left. For some of these there are only a couple of hours left to be sold and you should really take this thing into consideration.

If you’re interested in something in particular regarding cheap accessories and components feel free to share with us and maybe we can help you in a way or another. So feel free to share a feed back!

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