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Cheap and easy to handle – Fujitsu 2010

Fujitsu has a great range of products that are meant to satisfy all the needs possible. So here’s how we bring you today the very robust and useful Fujitsu M2010 mini. This gadget is designed for those that only need to surf on the Internet, so they don’t require much space available and don’t need to multitask very often.

Here’s a gadget that is especially designed for this category: it’s robust, small, a great travel companion, which can be easily carried around, fit almost all spaces and to get advantage of full connectivity, and yes it’s the M2010 model from Fujitsu.

Fujitsu 2010-1

This gadget is very great looking with its glossy finish and it can be found in three marvelous tones: metallic red, pearl white and sparkling black. Although it’s really glossy this doesn’t mean that it hasn’t a robust surface when you touch it. The metallic red can be used by those that are into the modern stuff, for the sparkling black apply those that are more into the classical things or simply like black and the pearl white is more for those that have a precious side and like to differ from the others, because it takes courage to have a white gadget, not only of the tone, but also because it’s very precious and it may get dirty really fast.

Let’s mention some things regarding the Fujitsu M2010, stuff that regards the internal part of this gadget, meaning its specifications…. It has an Intel Atom processor N280 low-power processor, you can choose between the Windows 7 Starter Small Notebook PC and Windows XP Home Edition as operating system.

Fujitsu 2010-2

The 10.1” WSVGA BrilliantView display, which is backlit will show you marvelous images and videos and will certainly help you when it’s too dark around. Let’s also mention that you’ll enjoy your web pages at the highest resolution, while you’re standing on a chair or couch….

Some other things that you need to know regard the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with shared memory, a 160 GB hard disk capacity, 1 GB memory, integrated WLAN, LAN and Bluetooth.

Maintain video discussions and calls with the help of WLAN and the integrated 1.3 MP webcam with digital microphone. Everything is easier as you can see.

Fujitsu 2010-3

Some other things that we feel like mentioning about regard the VGA, USB 2.0, 4 in 1 card reader and 2 x audio interfaces, that will certainly be helpful.

What’s so great about this gadget besides the things we’ve mentioned up to this moment is the fact that it is really lightweight and it has approximately 1.3 kilos. It’s a good investment if you want a gadget that’s easily to carry around and only for surfing on the internet.

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