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Cheap and good laptops

Cheap but good laptops? You may think that it’s kind of hard to find them, but on the contrary: if you know where to search and when you’re going to end up with a really great bargain. So, we were thinking to share with you some interesting examples of Lenovo discounts, which can be encountered on the official site and in the same time these are due to this wonderful month in which everybody seems to behave in a better manner…. These being said, why shouldn’t we continue directly with the examples that we wanted to offer to you?

If you hurry up you’re going to end up with a really favorable situation and your pocket is the one that is going to end up winning. We were thinking to start with thin, light and stylish Lenovo laptops, which are really great in the same time from the point of view of the technical features. First of all, this offer ends on the 8th of December, which means that you still have some time to decide. The laptops that are included in this offer are the Lenovo IdeaPad U160 laptop and the IdeaPad U460 one and this means that you can apply for laptops that have a range of display sizes between 11”, 13” and 14” – it’s up to you what exactly you’re looking for.

What do these offers include? Well, you can apply for the newest processors from Intel, namely up to the Intel Core i5 processors. As for the operating system, we think that you’re not going to encounter any difficulty whenever it comes to the Windows 7 Home Premium and its usage. There’s also the NVIDIA GeForce graphics and let’s not forget also about the 500GB of HDD, which is going to seem more than enough when it comes to storing all your applications there.

IdeaPad U460

Lenovo IdeaPad U160

Another important thing in this series – the U series – is the fact that the battery life resistance of the gadgets can go up to 10 hours and this means more than enough when it comes to using your laptop and carrying it in all the places you go.

The Fingerprint reader feature is going to turn out efficient as well – this is a unique manner to open your laptop and to have a password – your fingertip.

The other thing that we considered essential to mention is the Ambient Light sensor, which will seem more than enough when it comes to typing in the dark and it’s extremely comfortable.

In what exactly does this offer from Lenovo consist? Well, you can save up to $550 and if you pay attention to what Lenovo offers you can end up with a great prize. We’re going to get back soon with other details concerning this particular series and their discounts….

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