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Cheap and popular gadgets

We promised not to end with our examples in what concerned the most popular gadgets when it comes to being cheap. The precedent model that we’ve presented to you was that Asus Eee Pc laptop, we continue our list with some other gadgets and these are affordable as well.

We continue with the Lenovo S10 laptop that functions pretty cool and it looks as great as it works. This gadget has a nice design with a nice screen and also you can be sure that you’re going to obtain great connectivity. Also you have an easy access when it comes to upgrading. These were some of the big pluses concerning this laptop and we’re going to speak about the other ones in the next lines.

Now we’re going to mention some of this laptop’s minuses points, like the keyboard that looks kind of weird, also the buttons can be heard really loud every time you press them and this quite an unpleasant thing, also let’s mention that the basic specifications aren’t that great and that this isn’t such a cool thing.

We offer another big plus for this gadget’s mobility and also for its great looking design. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that this laptop is ideal for travelers, those people that are always on the run and don’t want to get bored on their way to that particular place.

Lenovo S10

We’ve mentioned several times about this laptop, it’s really affordable and that’s why we’re going to mention about it again: Acer Aspire One. This laptop has amazing LCD vibrant colors and sharp too, also there’s the option in which you can choose a 6-cell battery and the keyboard feels really pleasant every time you type on it, another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that you have a great amount of HDD space, which is kind of cool.

Besides the great tings mentioned up to this moment, there are also some other big minuses like the it has a small screen, there’s no Bluetooth, Wireless N and also it’s pretty noisy! It’s a gadget that can be carried around really easy, but besides watching a movie you can do many things with its help and the fact that it doesn’t have Wireless N is kind of bad and a big, big minus.

Let’s give some pluses though to the mobility performance and also to the battery life resistance! These things are really great, we offer the maximum mark; also, we recommend this laptop to travelers totally: they can watch as many movies as they want and also they can play really simple games that will definitely eliminate any source of boredom.

acer aspire one

These being said we just hope that we could help you in a way or another with these reviews and maybe determine you to buy one of these gadgets.

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