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Cheap and refurbished laptops

Our list of cheap laptops seems not to end ever, because we’ve found some other interesting examples and these are really affordable too and after all that’s what you’re waiting for, isn’t it? Let’s cut to the chase and see some of these suggestions and maybe you apply for one of these, who knows?

We start with the Samsung NP-N130 netbook that costs around $249.99 in the refurbished variant. This gadget can be found in a black tone and it is really easy to be carried around. Let’s mention that this gadget has an Intel Atom N270 processor, 1.6 GHz and 533 MHz speed.

This gadget has also a 6 cell battery that offers some hours of life resistance. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that this netbook has 1 GB DDR2 RAM, 160 GB HDD and an Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics. Some other things that you really need to know are: the absence of the optical drive, the built-in stereos, integrated internet features, a 0.3 MP camera, a keyboard that has a touchpad and also a microphone that is next to the touchpad.

All of these assure you a great mobile computer experience and this is quite a great think and all are packed in a cheap gadget! A thing that needs to be mentioned is the 10.1” display that has backlit features and it assures you that you’re going to watch your movies in the top quality ever.

Samsung NP-N130

Another suggestion of ours is the Gateway LT2104u gadget. This one can be also found in a refurbished variant and around the price of $274.99. This laptop can be found in a NighSky black finish where we’ve seen all its features.

Also let’s mention that this gadget has a Windows 7 Starter operating system, an Intel Atom N450 processor, 1 GB DDR2 RAM, 250 GB HDD, an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150, there’s also the high definition audio for the built-in speakers, the card reader, the internet features, the built-in webcam and microphone, the QWERTY keyboard that has also a multi-gesture touchpad and the 10.1” display with LED backlit.

Gateway LT2104u

The display assures you that you will see even the tiniest detail even if it’s dark in your room. As you can observe there are all the reasons in this world to buy the cheap laptops that we’ve just presented some lines before.

Make sure that you find the appropriate gadget for you, search attentively and when you decide on one and you don’t have enough money you can apply for refurbished variants, because these are cheaper and more convenient. We hope that we could help you in a way or another with the gadgets that we’ve just reviewed.

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