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Cheap Apple Mac laptops

Whenever we’re speaking about cheap Apple Mac laptops, we’re thinking of refurbished, used or second hand options of this brand’s gadget or simply of older variants that you can take into account. In the lines to come we’re going to suggest to you such gadgets and accessories and you can be certain that you’re going to end up with a really gorgeous purchase.

We would like to start our list of cheap Apple Mac laptops with the Apple Snow iBook G4 that has average features, just great in case you want a gadget that can be used for your daily activities or only for surfing on the internet and just that. This one has an effective processor with a speed of 1.0GHz, there’s the dual USB that you have to know about, the 512MB memory that needs to be taken into account as well as the 30GB of HDD. There’s also he Airport feature installed as well as the pre-installed operating system. Another feature that we want to mention about and needs to be mentioned is the 12” screen that is really gorgeous for watching movies and all the things you intend on doing.

Apple Snow iBook G4

The next one that we want to add in our list of cheap Apple Mac laptops is the Powerbook G4 laptop with a processor at the basis that has a speed of 1.33GHz. There’s also the 12” display that you need to know about and which represents a good and effective feature in the same time.  The 258MB RAM is important as well as the 60GB of HDD, the DVD/CDRW drive and let’s not forget about the pre-installed operating system. We forgot to mention about the aluminum case of this gadget that will turn out to be effective in the same time as well….

Powerbook G4

There’s also the case in which we include the Apple MacBook Pro 15” laptop in our list of cheap Apple Mac laptops. So this one has at the basis the Intel Core Duo processor with a speed of 1.83Ghz, another thing that we have to add is the fact that it has 512MB of RAM, there’s also the 15.4” display that needs to be mentioned about and that will turn out to be really effective in the same time.

Apple MacBook Pro 15”

The 80GB of HDD is really interesting for placing there all your files and applications, there’s also the DVDRW drive that also needs to be mentioned as well as the Mac OS X that is pre-installed and you need to know about. No more to say! We’re sure that at least one of these laptops is going to seem a good option to be taken into account and we’re sure that you’re going to end up with a nice purchase.

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