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Cheap laptops 6

We continue our list of cheap laptops with some other examples that are going to seem as interesting as the previous ones suggested up to this moment. We know that you’re going to enjoy reading about these as well and that maybe in the future time you’re going to apply for them. No more to say! Pay attention and read carefully about these examples….

We start with the Lenovo G550 laptop that has only interesting details about it. This one has at the basis the Intel Pentium Dual Core T4500 processor with a speed of 2.30 GHz; let’s also mention that it has those 4GB DDR3 RAM which are really important to be taken into account when it comes to a powerful laptop. The Windows 7 Home Premium operating system is really great to apply for and you won’t have any problems when it comes to using its features, applications and files.

Lenovo G550 2

There’s also the 15.6” widescreen display that will definitely seem useful when it comes to seeing a movie or something like that, also multitasking is going to be a really easy task and we’re certain that your eyes won’t hurt at all when you’re seeing all the windows and stuff like that. There’s also the 250GB HDD that permits you to store all your files and applications there and enjoying them later. The wireless features seem gorgeous to us and it’s a great reason also for buying this laptop.

Lenovo G550 3

What are this gadget’s main advantages? Well, the string battery life, there’s the processor that works really hard and there’s a lot of memory space for you to store all your applications there.

The next suggestion we have of cheap laptop and really powerful in the same time is the Msi A6200 laptop. This one has an Intel Pentium Dual Core P6000 processor with a speed of 1.86GHz. This one has at the basis 3GB of DDR3 memory which seems more than great to us, because this means that you’re going to be able to use your gadget at its highest levels.

Msi A6200

There’s also the 320GB HDD which seems great for storing all your files and applications there. Another thing that we need to mention about is related to the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system that is really effective and we’re certain you won’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to its usage. There’s the 15.6” widescreen display that is really great for watching movies while you’re on the run.

Msi A6200 2

Msi A6200 3

The DVD Super-Multi Optical Drive is great because not too many laptops have it and we’re certain that you’re going to feel really pleasant with using it. There’s the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD which is definitely a big plus for this laptop and the wireless features are great as well….

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