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Cheap laptops for sale

If you’re looking for cheap laptops for sale then it means that you’re partially in the right place…. You’re going to read here about some fine examples of such gadgets and the internet has lots of space for places in which you can purchase these gadgets from. We tried to found only the most affordable examples to share with you and it seems that we struck over some cheap new laptops, which are really effective in the same time and you can relate on them.

So, we start with the first example of such laptop and you’re going to love it from the first instant…. We’re speaking about the Asus 1005PE that has a starting price of $382.99 and you won’t regret applying for. So, this one can be placed between the ultraportable laptops category and this is definitely a good thing and a big plus. Let’s also add that the Intel Atom processor handles all the easy tasks that you have for it and the 1GB DDR2 seems to be in perfect coordination with it as well. There’s also the 250GB of HDD that is ideal for storing all your files and applications there and the 10.1” WSVGA display is ideal whenever we’re speaking of watching movies and doing all the things that you intend on doing….

Asus 1005PE

Asus 1005PE 2

Next in the top of cheap laptops for sale is definitely this product which isn’t news to you for sure…. We’re speaking of the Acer TimelineX AS3820T-5246 laptop with a price around $699.99. So, this one can be definitely placed between thin and light laptops and this is a thing that definitely is gorgeous and interesting in the same time. This one is definitely ideal for home use or for being used on the run as well. this gadget has at the basis an Intel Core i3 processor with a speed of 2.26GHz and the installed memory is 4GB DDR3. The other thing that we wanted to mention about is related to the 320GB of HDD that seems gorgeous whenever it comes to storing all the files and applications there. there’s also the 13.3” WXGA display that will seem interesting too be used whenever you’re watching a movie or for the simple activities- it makes sure that everything is ok….

Last, but not least if we’re speaking of cheap laptops for sale is the Asus 1005HA netbook with a price around $417. This one is an ultraportable gadget, which you can carry with you in all the places you go.

Asus 1005HA

Also, we have to add that there’s the Intel 1.66Ghz processor that stands at the basis and the 1GB of DDR2 as well as the 160GB HDD. Last, but not least we find the 10.1” display that is gorgeous whenever you intend on using it.

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