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Cheap laptops – refurbished variants

We continue our list of cheap laptops and after we browsed really shortly for the best offers for you we’ve struck over some interesting models that will probably be in your interest.

Let’s also mention that we will attach the price next to these laptops’ presentations and you have to keep in mind that if you know where to search you’ll get the best offer both for your pocket and for your daily activities.

The first cheap laptop we want to mention about is the HP Nc6400 that has a price of $449 with an Intel Dual Core 1830 MHz processor, 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB HD. Another important thing that you should know about this gadget regards the 14” wide display WXGA+ that will certainly offer you a great visual experience with clear images and videos and all those things.

Also there’s the DVDVRW drive, the modem -10/1000 and also the wireless feature that will certainly be helpful every time you want to connect the internet and surf on the web pages.

The next cheap laptop we want to present you is the Lenovo G550 with Intel Dual Core 2100 MHz processor, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HD and DVDRW drive. The 15.6” wide display will be useful every time you decide to chat, blog or simply watch a movie. Besides this, the screen has a webcam attached perfect to use when you chat with your friends and want to maintain conferences.

Lenovo G550

This gadget has also Bluetooth and wireless. The wireless feature permits you to keep in touch with the latest events that are happening worldwide and it doesn’t matter where you find yourself as long as there is a covered area…. Let’s not forget that this product costs about $589 and it’s worth every last penny because it has good features and it is also good looking.

Dell 14 is another cheap laptop that we’ve encountered and here are some features: the Intel Dual Core 2000 MHz processor, the 4 GB RAM and 500 GB HD; there’s also the 14” wide screen display that will certainly be useful every time you intend on watching a movie or something like that, the DVDRW drive that will permit you to store your pictures on DVDs when there’s no more space left in your laptop.

Dell 14

Let’s not of course forget about the wireless feature that will certainly be useful every time you’re bored and you consider the ambient really unpleasant. Just with a tap you can get in touch with your friends or find out what’s new around the world. This gadget has a starting price of $539. Kind of great, right?

All of the products mentioned above have these prices in the refurbished variant and we end up with hoping that you succeed in finding a bargain, but with an effective product too.

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