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Cheap laptops – Toshiba NB305 and Dell Inspiron 11z

Most of you may search for the cheapest products on the market, well there are various manners in which you can obtain such a gadget and also you can find great prices if you know where to search. Leaving the chit chat behind, we’re going to present you some great models with some interesting prices that will certainly be suitable for you pockets- at least now when one can observe an extreme period of economical crisis and everyone’s talking about money.

Toshiba NB305 2

The first model with which we want to start our presentation is the Toshiba NB305, which is considered as a good improvement on the NB205. This gadget can be found around the price of $350 or even less. This 10.1” netbook has an Intel Atom processor N450, with a Windows 7 Starter and with a DDR2 RAM system memory. This highly affordable gadget has a 250 GB HDD, an Intel Mobile GMA 3150 graphics and a total available graphics memory that is up to 348 MB (1 GB DDR2 RAM) and a shared memory.

Toshiba NB305 3

We were mentioning something about the 10.1” display, well, it is type Toshiba TruBrite WSVGA TFT display and it has a LED backlit with an internal resolution of 1,024 x 600. You can watch all the movies that you wish and also enjoy all the games and features that you like.

Let’s also mention that this gadget is really lightweight and it can be carried around with no difficulties involved. Also, you can get advantage of the wireless communication and enjoy all the features you like, like the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Wireless LAN. All of these features will make sure you have a great mobile computer experience.

Toshiba NB305 4

Another affordable laptop is definitely the Dell Inspiron 11z, which is considered as a best seller. We’ve presented this gadget some time ago, or several times and you definitely came to the conclusion that is really great and now you also know that it is cheap and you can buy it whenever you want; to be more exact this gadget costs around $475. You may already know some features concerning this great gadget that is also really portable and let’s continue with some other great aspects in order for you to make a general idea.

Dell Inspiron 11z

This gadget can be placed in the same category of the Apple MacBooks- which are really popular- and also the marvelous looking Sony VAIO gadgets.  So, you can observe that this gadget is really thin, to be more exact it has only 1” and it’s the best travelling companion you can ever have.

Dell Inspiron 11z 2

As we did mention in several of our reviews this gadget has an ultra-low voltage processor and this is a great thing, because this means that it doesn’t heat up that fast and also that it doesn’t use electricity as much as the other gadgets do.  You can apply for an external optical drive if you like and you’re going to end up with an effective gadget.

Dell Inspiron 11z 3

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