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Cheap laptops

In this list we continue with presenting some great offers of great prices for used and refurbished laptops and we’re presenting also, as usual some technical features regarding these products in order for you to make a general idea….

The first product we recommend you can be found at an amazing price of $399 and it’s the Apple iBook in refurbished variant. This gadget has a 12.1” display that confers you vivid images and you’ll enjoy your movies at a great resolution and good quality.

These laptops have a Motorola 1200 MHz processor, 30 GB HD, and 768 MB SDRAm and let’s not also forget about the Mac OSX Leorpard.

The next laptop with which we want to continue is the Compaq Evo N610C in used option that can be found at the price of $299. This gadget has an Intel Mobile Pentium IV 1800 MHz processor, 14.1 “XGA Active Matrix display, 80 GB HD and1024 MB SDRAM. You can easily carry this gadget around and it’s really thin….

You can’t be bored with this gadget in your hands and definitely it’s a great investment: it’s not that expensive and it will useful every time you want to use it, not only for entertainment but your work too.

Compaq Evo N610C

Another cheap laptop that is also used is the HP Compaq Evo NC6000 used laptop. This gadget costs around $439 and it’s definitely worth every penny: it has an Intel Mobile Pentium M 1800 MHz processor, 14.1” display with good resolution, 40 GB HD, 512 MB SDRAM and many other helpful features.

HP Compaq Evo NC6000

Maintain virtual discussions with your friends through using different applications and the Wi-Fi, blog, work on it or simply use it for entertainment together with your friends…. There are so many things that can be done with this gadget that you just can’t imagine! It’s really useful to have such a laptop around and come to think of it it’s not expensive at all, don’t you think so?

Up to this moment we’ve found some good bargains for you and we hope that you take advantage of them. Browse on the internet and search for variants: there are so many and most of the products aren’t as good as you expect them some times. We hope that you find an appropriate product for you: depending on your style and on the amount of money you’re willing to give. So good luck in searching for your appropriate cheap laptop, because we have already a list here and we hope that you take advantage of it!

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