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Cheap Sony laptops

In case you’re looking for cheap Sony laptops then it means that you’re in the right place             and we’re going to share with you some interesting examples of such gadgets that are going to seem a good starting point in case you want to purchase an interesting acquire at an affordable price.

So, here’s how we start with the first suggestion that takes part of the Sony VAIO EA series and we’re speaking about the blue option. This one has a starting price around $849 and we suggest you apply for it even if you’re on the run or for home use as a desktop replacement. This one has at the basis the Intel Core i3 processor, which is really effective in the same time whenever we’re talking of multitasking and stuff like that. the other thing that we want to add related to this processor is the fact that it has a speed of 2.4GHz and this means extra power if we come to think of it.

Sony VAIO EA series

Sony VAIO EA series 2

We’re sure that you’re going to love the display, which has brilliant colors and really vivid in the same time and this can be placed between pros whenever we’re speaking of laptops.

This next cheap Sony laptop we’re speaking about and that we want to suggest to you consists of the Sony VAIO VPC in the pink version and you can definitely apply for it. We can place it between thin and light laptops and we’re certain that you’re going to love taking and carrying it with you in all the places you go. This being said, besides the fact that you can carry it in all the places you intend on going, you can use it as a desktop replacement due to the strong and powerful features that it has….



So, it has at the basis the Intel Core i5 processor, which is gorgeous and it makes sure you can multitask and do whatever you want with ease. There’s also the 4GB DDR3 installed memory which we add to all these things mentioned up to this moment and let’s not forget about the 500GB of HDD as well, space which permits you to add all the files and applications you like.

It’s going to be a pleasure to watch movies and all the stuff you like with the 15.5” display that has vivid colors and really gorgeous features in the same time.

We hope that you appreciate all the things exposed here and the last product we’ve been mentioning about isn’t such a cheap Sony laptop, due to its starting price of $1,299.84.

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