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Cheap webcams

Throughout the time we’ve presented you some notebooks and laptops that don’t have an input webcam. For these mobile gadgets we have the perfect solution and you may already know what we’re talking about: separate webcams. This time we’ve chosen webcams that might suit you and maybe you’ll share your opinion with us…. Maybe you already have such a webcam and you can tell us how great it is!

We start with the Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 webcam. This accessory makes sure that the images look sharp and great even when you apply for zoom. It has the HD quality video and also 8 MP photos, which is quite astonishing. Use this webcam for conversations because it has a built-in microphone that suppresses the sound around you with the help of RightSound Technology! Regarding the compatibility we would like to mention that it needs necessarily Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. This accessory has a price of $99.99 and the box contains besides the camera a 6” YSB cable, a quick start guide, a clip and a CD with software.

We continue with the HP Deluxe Webcam which costs about $49.99. This accessory has quick-launch buttons used especially for maintaining discussions, taking photos and making videos. You’ll take marvelous 8 MP photos and you can use the 1.3 MP sensor and auto focus. It doesn’t matter if you use the Yahoo! Messenger, AIM or Windows Live Messenger, you can talk with your friends at any time and any hour. The integrated microphone makes sure that your voice will be heard from no matter what corner you find yourself!

HP Elite Autofocus Webcam

Create wonderful videos and share them with your friends, transmit messages…. All these things are possible although you don’t have a normal video camera! It’s available with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

We end with the HP Elite Autofocus Webcam! It costs about $79.99 and it has great features. You have the 3 MP camera and you’ll be able to create sharp pictures, let’s not forget that you will make marvelous videos and snap photos. It doesn’t matter what programs you use, it only matters that you have this webcam, which sounds really great!

HP Deluxe Webcam

You can use Yahoo Messenger, AIM, Skype or Windows Live Messenger without any problems, because these cope really great together (the webcam and the programs). Just imagine: you’ll take photos that have high quality, up to 19 MP and let’s not forget how many discussion you’re going to be able to maintain, because it also has an input microphone!

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