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Cheapest netbooks

Not only are we offering the best examples whenever it comes to cheapest netbooks, but in the same time the products shared here with you are going to seem great to be taken into account and let’s not forget that these are between top 10 netbooks.

We started previously with presenting some of these products from this virtual list and let’s also add that these are considered to be the best from this year so you definitely have to read about them.

The next and first suggestion that occupies the third place in the top 10 of netbooks is the Toshiba Mini 300 that has a starting price around $350. This gadget has an Intel Atom N450 processor with a speed of 1.66GHz, nothing extraordinary; because all the rest of the laptops seem to have it and this means that it works as well as the other two that were mentioned in our previous review. There’s also the 160GB of HDD that we have to add about and let’s not forget about the 10.1” LED display that will make sure you enjoy gorgeous visuals and in the same time you can get advantage of gorgeous features. There’s also the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator that makes sure that all the great things mentioned previously are possible. The Windows XP Home makes sure you’re not going to have any questions related and you can take advantage of this netbook’s gorgeous features for about 11 hours, which is more than enough.

Toshiba Mini 300

So, we’re bringing here the cheapest netbooks you can every read about and in the same time you can be certain that you’re going to fall in love with them instantly. The next product that occupies the forth place in our top is the Toshiba Mini NB305 with a starting price of $400. This one has at the basis the Intel N450 Atom processor with a speed of 1.66 GHz and in the same time it makes sure that it works just fine.

Toshiba Mini NB305

As we mentioned at the previous product, this gadget doesn’t bring anything new and in the same time you donlt have to be disappointed because this processor type is effective as well. there’s also the 1GB of DDR2 that you have to know about, the 250GB HDD and let’s not forget about the 10.1” display, which is a common feature of netbooks – small effective in the same time and let’s not forget to add the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator as well. The last feature that we have to add is related to the webcam, which will definitely be effective in the same time. All in all, you’re not going to remain disappointed with no matter what product you decide on – you’re going to love them!

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