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Classic designs on Dell gadgets

We’ve presented up until this moment some really great looking art designs that can be placed on the Dell gadgets, more specifically on the Inspiron 15 models. These are new looks, but how about recalling some of the old models that are still in trend and still catch our eyes? Remember you can apply for one of these looks for a quantity of money in plus, but we believe that it’s worth it…. The classic models can be bought at the same adding price of $85.

The first classic we want to speak about can be found in different range of colors: gray, pink and purple. We’ve chosen first Jason Bacon’s design which has its roots in a trip to Tokyo. You can find traditional elements regarding the Japanese world, but also some elements of modernity and different motifs that go really great together…. We’ve chosen the classical variant that has at the basic the combination of white, black and green. We hope that you enjoy it as well.


Then we picked to continue with the large dots model. You can have different combinations of white background with differently colored dots, such as: big pink dots, white background with orange, gray and blue dots, the classical combination of black and white with black dots and there’s also a really happy variant with yellow dots…. This is the model with the large dots, but there’s also another one with petite dots that use the same colors and combinations.


Another model that seemed really interesting from our perspective is Tristan Eaton’s “the muse in purple”. This one has the basis the female forms, which blends perfectly with the pink tones and beautiful lines and shapes. You have to admit that this classic is a pretty good combination of fiction and reality and we can affirm that it’s perfect for a modern woman that knows what she wants and she’s aware of her beauty and tends towards perfection (perfection is highlighted by the usage of the circles here and there).


What can inspire like more than a bunch of birds that stand on their branches, and if these birds are colored then the background is perfect. Jason Holley’s “birds” seem to highlight the modern human being’s needs of returning to the simple things of life and enjoying them in their natural shape: such as admiring a bird how she’s standing and singing on the branch of a tree. We consider this design great looking and the white background is in perfect coordination with the beauty of these birds. We recommend this great looking design also and we suggest you apply for it if you like it as much as we do.


There are numerous classic models of designs that caught our eyes, but these one seemed interesting from our perspective. All of these are at the same price and it’s not a bad thing if you tend to personalize your objects. In fact, it’s a great thing if you decide to put a personal print on your Dell gadget and with the help of these great looking designs.

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